Yoga Poses You Can Practice Doing After Having Meals

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Here Are Yoga Poses After Having a meal.

Exercise and yoga are both performed for a healthy mind and body. Both become popular as people are becoming more health-conscious. Exercise is not recommended after a meal and also certain yogasana you should avoid after a meal. But there are a few yoga poses you can do after having a meal. Your last meal should be consumed three hours before sleep. Sleeping immediately after a meal may lead to weight gain. The body doesn’t get enough time to burn calories. Exercise isn’t an option after a meal. Some yoga poses can perform speed digestion without disturbing your health.

Vajrasana is a kneeling pose and its name derived from the Sanskrit word vajra means diamond. So in other words we can say it is called diamond pose. This is one of the yoga poses that can be done on a full stomach. This pose promotes good digestion and aids liver function. It also helps the condition of sciatica, nerve issues, and indigestion. Right after a meal you can sit in a Vajrayana position and simply concentrate on breathing for around at least fifteen minutes.

This pose is also good after a meal and with a full stomach, you can do it. Sit with your legs straight forward, fold your legs and form a cross with your calf muscles. By keeping back straight and placing your palms on your knees. It strengthens your spine, calms the mind, and reduces stress levels, anxiety, and mental tiredness.

This yoga pose is also good after meals. Stand with your feet together. Keep your posture straight and spine together. Relax your Shoulder and stretch your arms out beside your body and allow them to hover without making contact. Close your eyes and just concentrate on breathing. It improves your overall body posture. Prepare your body and calm your mind.

All these yoga poses can be performed after a meal as they will speed up digestion and help you from many health issues.