Yoga Poses For Wider Hips

Tight hips are a standout when it comes to the most commonly affecting complaints in Western Culture.

This should come as no surprise considering that we sit in seats for a significant time during the day. And that we rarely sit in the hip opening stance like a squat, if any time. The tighter our hips, the tighter the lower back will be.

The psoas is inclined to shortening with all this tension accumulating in these areas, making it harder to walk, sit, and exercise.

So, to get a good stretch, you have to open the front, back, and sides of your hips. Here are our top five hip-opening yoga poses for wider hips.

We suggest that you loosen up before going in and that you hold each pose for 30 seconds to a minute, 5 poses, 5 minutes.

  1. Virabhadrasana II (Aka – Warrior Pose II)

Open your legs with the end goal that they are somewhat more apart than hip-width. With the toes pointing out, wind your right heel, and utilize your left foot to ground yourself. The arch of the left foot must be in line with the right.

Lower your hips and after that stretch out your arms in line with the shoulders. Inhale strong but slowly while you hold the pose and release. Repeat with the opposite side.

  1. Janu Sirsasana (Aka – Head to Knee Pose)

Get into Dandasana. Bend your left knee so that your left foot is set on your right thigh. Extend the arms up, fold torso, and reach for the right foot. Breathe into your right abdomen. Hold and release. Repeat with the left foot.

The essential thing in this posture is to keep your back straight while stretching.

  1. Natarajasana (Aka – Lord of the Dance Pose)

Remain in Tadasana. Raise your left foot and swing it behind so that your left leg is parallel to the ground. Bend the knee, reach your left arm to the left foot and stretch. When you gain balance, extend your right arm forward and look at your fingers.

Take deep, long breaths as you hold the pose for some seconds. Release and repeat.

  1. Salabhasana (Aka – Grasshopper Pose)

Lie on your stomach area, and lift your legs off the ground, near the hips. Extend your arms behind you and lift your chest. Lift your jaw up and look forward.

Before releasing, breathe a couple of times while holding the pose.

  1. Ustrasana (Aka – Camel Pose)

Get in Vajrasana. Raise your hips and lift your body so that the calf and hip muscles are at right angles. Lean back as you open your chest. Extend your arms for your feet, ensuring they are stretched. Also bend your head as you look at the back.

Take deep, long breaths as you hold the pose. Release.

These are some awesome yoga postures for wider hips. These are also incredible to use before an exercise on the lower body to stretch out and from injuries.

You can also utilize these yoga postures post work out (rest days) to aid your hip muscles to heal quicker.

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