Yoga Poses For Weight Loss

It is a new year and we all have intentions, resolutions, goals, and visions. If better health, mindfulness, and calm is on your radar try yoga. We rounded up some poses that will help you release weight, stress less, and improve your health overall.  There is power in the poses when it comes to yoga. With many benefits of each pose, there are some that also help you with weight loss. These poses will help firm your abs, arms, butt, and burn calories.

Cobra Pose
Known to firm your butt and tone the abs, you will also relax and breathe easy.

Bow Pose
This pose is a bit more advanced. Don’t let that stop you there is a modification. The bow pose will burn fat while toning your legs, arms, and abdominal area.

Child’s Pose
This pose will help you release tension in the lower back, hips, and thighs. It also helps your abs get firm, toned and burn overall fat.

Photos: Bikram Yoga

Yvelette Stines

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