Yoga Medicine® Online Yoga Classes Review

By Kristen Fischer for All In The Review.

Yoga Medicine is more than yoga teacher instruction thanks to the addition of classes. Led by Tiffany Cruikshank, the classes offer a medical approach to yoga that’s both educational and effective. These great interactive classes include live classes that bridge the gap between at-home yoga and studio classes.

I tried a few classes and found the SI joint class with Tiffany to be the real deal. She know so much about anatomy and tips for myofascial release and overall health…and got different parts of my hips and lower back moving in ways I didn’t know possible.

These aren’t “pretty” yoga classes—they are instructional yoga sessions that deliver relief for a variety of ailments and promote overall health and mobility. You may not look so great doing them, but you may be able to find real relief and learn about poses and moves to help you with chronic conditions. I loved the use of props, which are often thought to be crutches for yoga—not so. They helped loosen muscles and secure proper form even more.

Yoga is so powerful and it’s nice to see it getting the fame that medicine does.

Hopefully I no longer need my chiropractor…at least as often!

Loved: Easy-to-use interface, tons of classes and the expertise not just about yoga but about anatomy and form.

Didn’t Love: I’m not sure if the membership will auto-renew.

Ideal For: People who like yoga, and also those who want to learn about proper form as well as how yoga can relieve common ailments such as back pain.

Save Your Money If: You don’t appreciate yoga.

Cost: $39/month plus yearly membership available.

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