Yoga for Weight Loss, Week 1

Good morning it’s Jessica Gray from the Spring Hill Public Library here to teach you some yoga now we’re kicking off this month with um yoga for weight loss, which is really gonna just be a journey of self care and just being ready to love yourself the way you are and then move towards the goals and choices you wanna make so we’re gonna get started on our mat and I just wanna show you a few things you might wanna have handy today as we’re working out. It up on the post, but I’ll show you what I’m talking about if you’re not sure so on the floor, you can see my mat. I have a folding chair right here, which isn’t totally in the shop, but the seat is facing the front of the mat and then you probably wanna have a block or something like this like a box. a big box I don’t know a pot a pan just something if you need a little lift, I have a strap, but a sock would work or a little towel and then you can have a blanket or a little. For your knees or just areas that might need a little more support. so it’s up to you to have those handy um this whole class can be done without any props. It’s just sort of what you need for your body. So if you need to have some tools available just go ahead and grab this, let’s take a seat on the mat. That we’re gonna start in a seated position just with the legs crossed sitting comfortably now it’s sitting comfortably does not work for you in this position, you can always sit in a chair and work from there or you can take your blanket or your little pad and you can just lift your tailbone up a little bit. That’s gonna help your hips release so find that comfortable seated and we’re just gonna close. Eyes and with our breath and just connect with our heart so take a big breath in through the nose. And slowly exhale the air out. Inhale through the nose. And exhale the air out. And I want you to try to let any tension go. that’s in your body and any distracting thoughts in your mind. We’re just gonna start by doing a little body scan. Just starting at your ankles. Pay attention to how they feel. They’re sore. We’re gonna move up to the knees. In the hips, Come to the belly. I want you to place one hand on your belly. And this time as you inhale feel how the belly expands. And send some love to your belly. Move up to your heart. As you exhale take your other hand to your heart inhale. How the belly bands and then the chest expands. And exhale empty all the air out. Breathe again. Exhale out. Connect with your heart and connect with your body right now. The shoulders relax. Unleash your job. Soften your forehead. Sit up a little taller. And I’m just gonna read to you an affirmation.