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Golfer’s elbow is one of the conditions that can happen to individuals who play golf. This condition occurs when there is an inflammation of the tendon sheath that is attached to the humerus, where it meets the inside part of the forearm. In this article, we will be discussing yoga for golfers elbow and how it can help relieve the pain and improve an affected individual’s condition.

Golfer’s elbow occurs because there are several muscles that are attached on the tendon sheath such as muscles for flexing the wrist, pronating the hand, and flexing the fingers. Since there are several structures that are meeting at this tendon sheath, it can become inflamed without any reason at all or because of too much strain or stress on the affected area. This condition does not only occur among golfers but as well as baseball pitchers, throwers, rock climbers and other manual labor such as gardening.

What is Golfer’s Elbow?

This condition is also known as medial epicondylitis. There are discomfort and deep pain in the inner side of the elbow. Golfer’s Elbow becomes more painful the more you perform activities like pull-ups or lock-off.

The tendon sheath affected in this condition is usually subjected to a lot of stress. The symptoms for the condition usually occur gradually and there are some individuals affected who ignore them and this can worsen the condition, therefore, increasing the levels of pain and the recovery time period.

One cause of medial epicondylitis or Golfer’s elbow is that it can occur when there is the death of cells in the affected area and it can make the muscles weaker and making the tendon sheath weaker and more prone to stress and injury. An individual who suffers from Golfer’s elbow who decides to ignore his or her condition will have greater problems. It is quite important to take preventive measures such as strengthening the muscles and stretching it regularly.

Yoga Poses for Individuals with Golfer’s Elbow

Here are two yoga poses that can help improve the condition of an individual with golfer’s elbow:

1. Locust Pose

This yoga poses helps the affected area becomes stretched and strengthened at the same time. It is an effective yoga pose for helping prevent Golfer’s Elbow and it also helps relieve the pain and help improve the condition. It helps increase blood circulation in the affected area, therefore, reducing the inflammation. This version will have the hands positioned underneath the body. This pose can be uncomfortable but if it causes pain, you must immediately stop.

To do the pose:

Lay down on the stomach, while the hands are on the floor both palms must face down. Rock the hips up and slide the arms underneath the body and maintaining the palms facing down. Try to touch the pinky fingers underneath the body, this step will cause the hip bones pressed into the back of the forearms. The head must be relaxed with the forehead or chin on the floor or yoga mat. Then, relax the left leg and lift the right leg to 45 degrees or depending on how high you can do it. Hold this pose for several breaths and then change sides. If you can do this pose with ease, you can try pressing both legs together and lift them both at the same time as high as you can tolerate it. When doing this pose makes sure there is no tension or stress applied on the neck. Always remember that the palms must be pressed in the floor during this pose.

If this pose causes too much discomfort, you can try the pose with both hands bunched into a single fist and this can be positioned between the thighs (if you can reach it).

2. Eagle Pose

This yoga pose is effective in improving your adductors and at the same time it can help stretch the shoulders, arms, and wrists and helps improve your stability or balance. It is a pose perfect for golfers and it can help prevent the Golfer’s elbow condition.

To do the pose:

Stand with both feet apart and bend both knees like as if you are seated on a chair. Lift the right leg up and cross it over the left leg. Cross as high on the thighs as much as you can and press them together. If you are capable, work the right foot all the way around the left calf but if you can’t do it make sure to press both legs together. Lift the arms up to parallel in front of you while both palms are facing down. Then have the arms straight, cross them with the right arm under just like making an X in front of the chest area. Then, you can press both arms into each other and bend both elbows so that the fingers will be pointing upwards or towards the ceiling. This step will look like the arms are wrapped around each other. If you can, cross the forearms and press both palms together. If you cannot do it, just continue to press both arms together and work the hands towards each other. While doing this pose, you can try to keep both elbows at the same level of the shoulders and the hands will be pressed away from the face so you will be able to feel the stretch in the arms and shoulders.

Yoga Poses to Avoid During Treatment and Recovery from Golfer’s Elbow

Yoga poses wherein the elbow is straight while the weight of the body is resting on it must be avoided. These poses are the following: Plank, Side Plank, Downward Facing Dog, Upward Facing Dog, and Camel Pose. You must avoid any activity or pose that can cause pain. There are some individuals who try to soften their elbows while doing these poses but you must watch out because it can even cause more muscle fatigue!


Golfer’s Elbow can happen to anyone anytime. So make sure to deal with it before it happens. Make sure to try the poses mentioned above and if you experience pain, try to do the poses slowly and pay attention to your body. Always be mindful of your body and never ignore anything that causes discomfort or pain. You can prevent it from worsening and resulting in a long recovery period. Yoga for golfer’s elbow can help you improve and strengthen your body to prevent the condition from happening in the first place.



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