Yoga Exercises to Grow Taller

I must admit that yoga comes behind other exercises when thinking about keeping fit. At first, it didn’t seem like it was an excellent exercise to engage in.

I came to discover that yoga is a valuable exercise that contributes to body and mind health. Yoga involves steady breathing that helps free up the mind of any stress and attention associated with the contemporary competitive world.

Many studies like this show that yoga reduces the production of cortisol, the stress hormone, in the body. It also reduces anxiety and promotes mental health. Undoubtedly, yoga is one of the exercises that you should do daily to improve the quality of your life.

Stretching is another vital component in yoga, and it helps in decompressing the spinal bones and removing the tension inside the muscles. By stretching, the cartilage between the different bones in your spine also extends, and you can add a few inches if you keep it up.

Stretching in yoga is a crucial aspect that can help you to grow taller.

Another benefit of stretching is that it helps you maintain a good posture when doing various activities. Proper stretching ensures that your body parts and muscles are operating in the right manner by increasing circulation, and removing any tension and knots within them. You will agree with me that it’s always impossible to maintain a good posture when you are having tension or pain in the muscles. Yoga is especially suitable for people that are working out through other ways such as heavy lifting and engaging in athletics.

I am sure that you often come across senior citizens with a slouched back. One of the leading causes of this condition is maintaining an incorrect posture, which is mostly slouched when working on something.

For example, it is not one or two times that you have been in a slouched position at the office working on a project. Unfortunately, that is not ideal, and it can cause a variety of problems such as decompression of the spine. People with a decompressed spine look shorter than they are.

Make it a habit to work at your desk on a straight spine. Avoid slouching as much as possible, and you’ll be taller, as well as healthier.

Can yoga help me feel better, and grow taller?

The simple answer is, definitely! Yoga will help you feel much better by preventing the production of cortisol and removing tension in the muscles as well as the bones. It can help you grow taller by stretching the cartilage between the bones that form your spine.

So which are the yoga exercises to help grow taller?

Vriksh Asana

The tree pose helps strengthen the various body parts and especially around the abdomen, hips, thigh, and legs, which are critical in maintaining a good posture. The entire weight of your body shifts to one leg, and the muscles develop the strength to support your whole structure. Furthermore, stretching your neck upwards enhances the production of the growth hormone that is critical in various body processes, including the growth of cartilage.

Breathe normally and stand on the floor with both feet. Keep your hands at the side. Slowly, lift your left leg and bend it, placing the sole of your foot on the inner thigh of your right leg. Maintain balance on one leg, and gradually lift your hands above your head and bring the palms together.

Breathe smoothly and maintain this position for a few seconds. Repeat the process for the other leg.


This pose stretches all parts of the body to enhance the production of the growth hormone, and releases tension in various body parts and muscles.

Stand erect with your neck waist and legs in a straight line. Keep hands on the side, and the legs together and palms touching the thighs.

Raise both your arms upwards while inhaling and parallel to each other. Gradually lift your heels to stand on the feet. And keeping your arms and legs straight, stretch your body as far as possible.

Paschimotan Asana

At first, this pose may feel a bit difficult, but it is quite easy once you get used to it. It exerts pressure on the neck region and the back thighs to remove any tension and improve circulation.

Individuals suffering from sciatica and slip disc should not practice this Asana.

Sit down on the surface and stretch your legs as much as possible. Inhale, bend forward, and hold your toes with your hands. Rest your head on the knees, and try to keep your back straight. Keep breathing and avoid bending your knees.

Final Thoughts

Any yoga pose is vital to strengthening the muscles and improving your posture. A better posture is critical to height growth and improved circulation. However, check with a doctor before engaging in intense exercises to ensure everything is okay.

Complement the yoga exercises with a balanced diet, and the right supplements to enhance height growth, and you’ll be on your way to a better stature and health.

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