Flowing around my home, rice on the stove, music playing and not a care in the world ️

When I first started practicing yoga (16 years ago) I had no idea it would be become a life long love affair…

I didn’t know it would heal me so deeply.

I didn’t know it would support me through trauma and change.

I didn’t know it would transform my body.

I didn’t know it would become my passion.

But here I am, sharing with our beautiful tribe every day and hearing from women, just like you, that their body, mind and soul has completely transformed because they finally found THEIR Yoga.


At the link above I have the absolute best way to start practicingYoga from home. And it’s FREE!

I want you to experience it for yourself

So grab your 4 week Restorative Yoga Kick Start Kit and start finding YOUR Yoga from your very own space at home.


Big hugs,
Zoe & Roger xo