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We have talked a lot about the benefits that yoga may have and how huge that list may be. Starting from the physical benefits and losing weight, finishing up with the mind and inner world, yoga is always a good choice and idea. And the back pain is not an exception. Yoga helps here as well. If you are having strong back pains and have tried everything else without any positive result, now it is the yoga turn. Start practicing yoga and learning as much as you can. In order not to get messed up with so many information about yoga in general, we have separated the things you should know for this exact case: yoga for back pain. So, let’s start!

Make sure you don’t need any medical assistance

If you are having very severe back pains, we would advise you start the healing with your doctor’s assistance. Let the doctors examine and see whether there is no serious case, only after that start your yoga. However, if your back pain is not that severe (those are the cases mainly connected with the sitting jobs, for example) you can consider several yoga poses without medical assistance as well.

Attention to your back is essential

If you think like only yoga would be enough for healing the back it is a half mistake. Obviously, yoga will have some healing effects and it will help you of a great deal. However, if you continually forget keeping it safe and secure yoga won’t be that effective. And by saying safe and secure, we mean:

  • Sitting correctly, keeping the back straight
  • Being careful to the back while walking –keeping it straight
  • Giving attention to the sleeping pose and finding the right pose for the back
  • Doing everything else that refers to special cases

Learn which yoga poses are good for back pain

If you are starting with yoga for back pain, you should have exact schedule of poses which are exactly for the back pain. Don’t just start with everything that comes up on web, because in that case it may have even negative results. If you are choosing something that needs your back actions, you should double check it for escaping injuries etc. So here are some of the yoga poses that you can start with:

  • Cat/ cow pose is a good one – it helps you stretch the torso and your back.
  • Downward dog – this is one of the poses that literally can be used in each and every yoga. This is one of the exceptional poses that works on the whole body and effects on each part of it. This will help you open up exceptionally your lower back.
  • Child’s pose- this is another pose about which we talk a lot. It is a great one as well, because it both relaxes the whole body and works on the body parts. It totally stretches the back. Make sure you are doing it right and if done so, you will start feeling the relief soon.
  • Bow pose- this pose is usually practiced for strengthening the back muscles. Make sure you won’t have any back problems while doing this pose. If you start this and feel like won’t be able to finish the pose up, don’t worry, just stop it and go to the next one.
  • The locust pose – another one that strengths muscles. Make sure you are able to do this again, before passing right into doing everything.

Those are only some of the poses which are really good both for stretching and strengthening the back. Those poses help your back get relaxed and feel the relief. So, make sure you are following all of those tips to do everything right. We hope, that you will soon see the result for which you were working for such a long time. Good luck and Namaste!