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Hence we need to ask whether our modernist yoga discourse is a mirage keeping us in our own captivity, a symbolic system of self-repression (the sociological term is symbolic violence’)? Has modernist yoga become a tool for social self-control and self-discipline? A tool for coping with another turn of the wheel of social and economic competition (in Buddhism: samsara – rebirth, the daily life of suffering)? Have yoga popularisers and scholars a delusional (rose tinted) view of yoga because of their economic interests in yoga and their negative attitude to modernity? Should we as postmodern/ post-structuralist yogis investigate whether yoga discourse is bereft of much use-value and primarily has symbolic-value? The snake biting its own tail – the investigation investigating the investigation: is that what post-structural Patanjali-yoga is about?

This book is dedicated to initiating this kind of discussion in modernist yoga circles. To deconstruct the yoga discourse is not just to pull yoga back into history, power and politics. It is not just an abstract sociological exercise with no practical consequences. Having aligned yoga with power, symbols and society we are logically led as the next step to investigate our own deepest and unconscious social drivers. Having realised that the individual self is not a closed world but is permeated by social structures and power discourses, we need to ask why we practise modernist yoga today? What do we really want to get out of it? What is modernist yoga’s relationship to contemporary anonymous social power? Have we through modernist yoga become entangled in an even more refined net of social discipline? Has social control occupied our yogic self? In the words of Bourdieu: is yoga culture associated with symbolic violence?

Purpose: To understand your particular spinal curves. Contraindications: Yin yoga poses for weight loss Meniscal tear, prepatellar bursitis, rotator cuff tear. Props: A yoga mat and a Yin yoga poses for weight loss blanket. Avoiding pitfalls: Use padding under and just below your knees. Position the hips over the knees. Keep your arms plugged into your shoulder sockets. Come down onto your hands and knees on the blanket. Walk your hands to the right, bend your right arm, and position your right forearm to support your forehead.

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