What is yoga and its benefits?


Many people say it’s an ancient method of training and some people say it a set of difficult body poses. What is a yoga and its benefits? But the word yoga really means union and the practice which connect the body, mind, and different body postures and control breathing. Basically the yoga means to find the key to the nature that exists. And what is yoga and its benefits?

What is yoga?

What is yoga? Most people say yoga is the difficult poses, bending, and twisting the body but yoga is not about twisting and bending the body in different poses. It is a tool to bring you in a state where you see and feel experience reality is it. personal fitness training? If you allow your energy to become spirited and wonderful, your sensory body expands. Yoga is a mechanism that is a positive effect healthy body (physically) and mentally because yoga is a mind and body practice with a 5000-year history of ancient. What is yoga and its benefits?

Yoga is the most important way to get to maintain your body level and mentality level. You might be surprised asana is the important step of yoga practice. how to get fit at home? It helps you achieve the good. The main purpose of yoga to create harmony between mind, body, and spirit. Then you will best of your abilities.

Yoga is the power to cool and calm the mind and strengthen your body. Yoga is for everyone.

Benefits of yoga:

There is 10 easy way of yoga. These 10 poses are the completed yoga practice. Everyone can do it.

  1. Child’s pose: This child pose is a good and insolvency pause position. You may also use this calming pose to rest and refocus. This yoga pose stretched your lower back, hips, thighs, knee, and ankle and relaxes your shoulder and neck.
  2. Downward facing dog: This yoga pose enhances the arms, shoulder, and back .in In this pose of yoga stretching the hamstrings, calves, and bends of your feet. This yoga pose also helps to relieve back pain. Focus on allocating the weight through your palm, and lifting up your hip and back, away from your shoulder.
  3. Plank pose: This is the common pat of yoga. The plank can help to stability in your body, arms, legs, and shoulder. Plank pose is best if you see to tone your abs and this yoga pose builds stability in your upper body.
  4. Four limbed staff pose: This push-up deviation follows plank pose in commonly sequential that’s known as the sun salutation. This is a good yoga pose to learn. If you want to ultimately work on more advanced level pose as well as arm balances and inversion.
  5. Cobra pose: This is the most important part of yoga in this back-bending pose. This pose can help enhance the back muscles, increase the flexibilities, and stretches the chest and shoulder.


Tree pose: This yoga poses great work on your balance and posture. Farther helping to improve your balance and this one also enhances your body, ankle, knee, calves, and spin and also focuses on your breath in and out as well as you hold this pose.

Triangle pose: This yoga pose is best for building strength and stamina. This is an important part of many yoga classification help to build bolster in the legs and stretches the hip, chest, spine, and shoulder.

Seated half spinal twist pose: This is the part of yoga in this twisting pose you can increase your flexibilities in your back and stretching the shoulder, hips, and chest. This twisted pose also helps to relieve tension in the center of your back.

Bridge pose: This yoga pose stretches the muscles of the chest, back, and neck. If you do multiple days then this bridge pose may help you open your upper chest. It also called a back-bending pose.

Corpse pose: Yoga poses end with this pose. This pose allows for moments of relaxation .this is the easier pose to relaxing. Most of the people try to difficult to try this pose. However, you do more try to this pose.


Yoga is the most important way to relax and strengthen the body muscles and increase the core flexibilities chest and legs and arms. Yoga maintains the physical body and mentality level.