It might be hard for beginners to keep different yoga schools straight, as most people are unfamiliar with Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Bikram. Vinyasa is a breath-synchronized movement, so of course, the practice is done by connecting the breath to the action.

Vinyasa is also known as ‘flow’ because of the smoothness in which Vinyasa poses run together, and therefore, it is quite a popular contemporary style of yoga. Vinyasa is a comprehensive classification that encompasses different yoga types, including Power yoga and Ashtanga.

What is Vinyasa yoga?


Vinyasa yoga is in opposition to Hatha, as the Hatha classes keep focused on one pose and some rest in between. In contrast, different flow classes string pose together to make a sequence. The sequence of all the postures is fixed in the same order, but at times Vinyasa teachers have the discretion to arrange the poses according to their ways.

Every movement in Vinyasa yoga is synchronized to a breath. Therefore, breath is given priority as it acts as an anchor when the yogi moves from one pose to the next. A sun salutation sequence is considered a complex form of Vinyasa as every movement in this form is cued by inhalation and exhalation of breath.

Reasons to practice Vinyasa

Whether you are only a beginner with yoga or want to try something new, there are many great reasons to try Vinyasa. It is considered to be one of the most popular styles among the yogis of almost all levels of experience.

By going with the flow, you can stay focused

Vinyasa Flow is quite a famous phrase when we refer to this type of yoga. This style keeps you moving from one pose to another, as each pose is linked when you inhale and exhale. The instructors tend to keep the movement flowing continuously and smoothly, which can help you stay present during the session.

You can easily find the perfect yoga class

There are no standard rules about conducting a Vinyasa class, and the teachers are free to incorporate any style they like to choose into the class. This includes yoga styles, a relaxing nature soundtrack, and a thematic music playlist.

It can push you to the limits

Many people think that Vinyasa is comfortable and relaxing, but this style can push you to physical limits. The elements incorporated in this style come from all schools of yoga, and therefore, you will be pushing the boundaries of your strength, balance, and flexibility.

It is excellent for the starters

Vinyasa is very diverse, and therefore, one can easily find the classes tailored for beginners providing a healthy challenge. This particular style is also an excellent way to practice yogic breathing basics and learn the skills to build a strong foundation for advanced yoga practices.


Vinyasa yoga is very diverse, and those who are unpredictable, a little loose, and want to keep moving can appreciate this particular style as it is worth a try. It all depends on the pace because Vinyasa can be intense compared to other yoga styles, and therefore, it is excellent for athletes. Consequently, it is crucial to find a good teacher that one can relate to and enjoy. 

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