When you browse at the class sections at your yoga studio, there are chances that you might have come across a specific type of yoga named Hatha yoga. It is among the most popular yoga styles and contains a long history from the ancient origins to its modern-day practice.

Hatha yoga veers away from the problematic breath-to-movement flows that are common in Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. The main focus is always on the breath in static postures to be with them for more extended periods.

What is Hatha yoga?

It is an umbrella term that may refer to any yoga practice that can use the common yoga postures you might have seen in a yoga class. It is a whole yoga system. It is focused on pairing different yoga poses with breathing techniques.

The Hatha yoga poses rinse out the body and builds endurance and physical strength required to spend extended time meditation. When an individual completes Hatha yoga practice, it becomes easy for the individual to create ideal mind-body harmony and facilitate deep and relaxing meditation.


Health benefits of Hatha yoga

You will be able to learn different ways of controlling your breath with Hatha yoga. You also know how to sit in meditation in addition to doing various yoga poses. The following are the health benefits of Hatha yoga to your mind and body.

It strengthens our core muscles

When we do the Hatha yoga poses like the warrior and the plank pose, it can help strengthen our core muscles, including the side, pelvis, abdomen, and back. The core muscles are strengthened because it requires holding different poses for long times, which activates the muscles.

It helps to get a better night sleep

The cortisol levels are reduced by doing Hatha yoga, which is tied to our sleep cycle. When we have low cortisol levels, our body gets a signal that it is time to sleep. Therefore, when you do Hatha yoga before going to bed, it can be helpful for you to fall asleep quickly.

It helps to ease depression symptoms

Hatha helps ease depression because it can act on the neurotransmitters on our brain in the same way as antidepressants. Study shows that people who practice yoga once a week for five consecutive weeks have reported lower scores of depression.

It can be helpful to manage stress

It is physically demanding, and therefore, it is helpful to reduce stress and relax. The main reason is that yoga affects our nervous and endocrine systems, and these control different bodily functions like hormone release and blood pressure change.

Hatha for beginners and expert yogis

It tends to be quite a slower yoga form that has a greater emphasis on pose instruction that is very simple to perform, and therefore, it is an ideal yoga type for beginners. Hatha can especially be suitable for the ones who are having a difficult time focusing. Different poses are broken down so that your mind can’t wander much, and again you are brought back to action.

A Hatha yogi can expect an accommodating practice full of mindful breathwork, static postures, and a manageable pace. If your physical condition is reasonably good, then Hatha is well suited for you. Those who have certain health conditions should consult their physician before practicing Hatha.

Bottom Line

Hatha is a trendy yoga style, as it is both a catchall term for many yoga types that link together all the physical poses with breathing. It is considered to be an indicator of a slower and more aligned focused class. Hatha is great for many people, especially beginners, as one doesn’t require any prior knowledge or experience.

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