Vidya Malavade shares guide to do Chakrasana correctly

Yoga has many benefits. But it is importance to perform each asana correctly to reap those benefits and also avoid discomfort and injuries. This is why experts often suggest practising with trainers.

While yoga comprises many difficult asanas that require dedication and hard work to ace, one particularly demanding backbends is Chakrasana or Wheel pose that helps to tone the chest, thighs and arms while engaging the core. Actor Vidya Malavade, who is a yoga buff, recently shared an informative video on how to do the pose correctly.

Take a look.

According to the 48-year-old, the pose is not a beginner’s pose. “This is not a beginner pose and I do it after warming (up) and opening my back and shoulders for at least 30-40 minutes. First, master the bridge pose (where you lift just the hips). Then work step by step on the wheel pose,” she suggested.

Malavade added that the pose helps one to open shoulders, hips, and aids in extending the spine.

“So go easy…it takes years of consistent practice to get here,” she mentioned.

Here’s why you should incorporate this pose in your yoga practice.

The pose is known to be extremely effective to strengthen the legs, arms, spine ad abdomen while opening the chest. It also stretches the shoulders, hip flexors, glutes, and thighs while increasing flexibility.


Practitioners with back problems, shoulder injury, pregnancy, high and low blood pressure should be mindful.

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