VIDEO & ARTICLE: Benefits of Yoga in the Workplace

Christian: For the past year, we’ve been doing yoga three times a week. How do you feel about that and what kind of benefits have you seen from that? Anything specific you’ve learned by having that implemented?

Steve Bederman: That’s one of the things that we grabbed onto in March, when we took our hundreds of staff all over the world, and moved them home in a matter of days.

Yoga for motivation, engagement and recognition

Besides the technology that worked fantastic for virtual agents, we had to say: how do we motivate, offer recognition and engagement?

And one of the things we decided to do was yoga. Besides having team building exercises and using Zoom rooms for a more engaged communication, we also focused on yoga.

It sends a message to the staff and I think the staff will support this, that we really care about things that are not just ‘make the next phone call’.

Yoga for emotional well being

We care about their emotional well being, we recognize that being home is different from being in the office.

That difference can sometimes motivate but it can also lead you to a mediocre experience.

Yoga deals with your body, mind and spirit.

When you combine all that together and just break into the people’s days, it’s like taking a walk or break at work and doing something organized with your peers.

Have fun with it

We do a 30 minute session, which is more advanced and sometimes we will also bring in a guest too. Our yoga instructors are pretty well experienced but it’s fun to have somebody different come in, and we’re seeing it’s a voluntary thing.

The numbers of people that come to it increase, although it began to diminish at first, because people felt they had to and they were putting their schedules over their personal well being.

Now, after 9- 10 months of this, people are recognizing it’s more important to take this 15 – 30 min, get connected with colleagues and have a heck of a lot of fun with it.


Taking breaks with yoga on workdays can be extremely beneficial, not only for the body and mind, but also contributes to a healthy company culture.

A combination of standing and seated yoga poses, mental cleansing and breath work result in numerous well-being and effective ways to improve your days and your life!