Types of Yoga and Their Benefits: Which Yoga is Right

Don’t let the idea of backbends and impossible stretches deter you from reaping the many benefits of practicing yoga! One of the amazing aspects of yoga is that it can be adapted to fit anyone’s lifestyle. Yoga has numerous well-known benefits including reducing stress and anxiety, improving concentration and balance, reducing joint inflammation, and boosting our overall well-being. There are different types of yoga for all ages, fitness levels, and interests and we can help you find the yoga flow that is perfect for you!

Yoga for Beginners: Hatha

Everyone starts somewhere, and Hatha Yoga is the perfect place for the beginner Yogi to learn the basics! Hatha Yoga will teach you all of the main poses that you have probably heard of such as Downward Dog and Warrior Pose. Unlike other variations of yoga, Hatha gives less emphasis on the breath, and focuses more on correct form for poses, and learning the proper movements. Hatha Yoga will help improve your posture while you master the basics.

Yoga to stay Active: Power

One critique that yoga often receives is that it is not as intense of a workout as running or weightlifting. However, hold poses requires the core to be engaged and workouts such as Power Yoga work out the arms, legs, and back as well! Power yoga is the most athletic type of yoga, and it is perfect for those looking to build strength and incorporate a workout into their yoga sessions. Power yoga poses are performed in a moving sequence or “flow”, which increases metabolism, boosts your heart rate, and improves balance!

Yoga for Cleansing and Relaxation: Anada

Another popular advantage of practicing yoga is the mental clarity and stress reduction. Ananda Yoga provides powerful internal cleansing by synchronizes the breath with the poses. Ananda Yoga consists of gentle movements that prepare the mind and body for a calm state, and it can even reduce toxins in your body. If you are finding yourself a little more stressed than usual, this type of yoga might be right for you.

Yoga for Mobility and Injuries: Chair

If you need to improve your flexibility, mobility or are recovering from an injury Chair Yoga is a terrific starting point. Chair Yoga is a mild form of yoga that is practiced by sitting on a chair and using the chair as an aid to stretch and twist. Chair yoga is excellent if you have any pre-existing mobility issues or injuries. You can practice chair yoga at home in your own chair.

Yoga for Adventure-Seekers: Aerial

Aerial Yoga is like regular yoga except for the small detail that you sit on a soft fabric hammock that is hanging from the ceiling. Don’t worry though – these hammocks are held up by carabineers, support chains, and webbing straps, and you can adjust the height. Aerial yoga can add improved flexibility, better focus, and a little bit of fun into your normal yoga routine.

Here at Rittenhouse Village, we know that incorporating yoga into your routine is a part of living an active, independent life. We are always encouraging our residents to get out of their comfort zone and try new things. Our Personalized Health and Fitness Program offers many types of yoga classes to engage our residents, and improve their well-being.