Thyroid: Try THESE yoga asanas to improve production and stimulate

Losing sleep and loss of diet has become a major lifestyle concern in today’s age and time. So much so that nobody sees this as a serious concern anymore. The more we ignore these problems, the worse they get. If we don’t pay attention to these small things, they eventually blow up in our faces and become large in the form of diabetes, PCOD, cardiac problems and thyroid imbalances.

Unchecked and untreated thyroid imbalances are also known to lead to mental decline, increased cholesterol levels, infertility issues among women and even loss of bone density. Meanwhile, those with diseases like diabetes are prone to developing thyroid imbalances as well. So you see, it is a vicious cycle all boiling down to one conclusion: we’re too complacent about our health. So, it becomes utterly mandatory for us to eat nutritious food, consume lots of water and sleep well.

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However, that’s not enough since a healthy outside starts on the inside, years of ignorance can only be countered with some yoga. Yoga, one of the most ancient practices known to man, is the one thing proven to treat us from the inside out. Akshar Yoga Ashram is a yoga institute following the Himalayan practices of yoga. They have given us some of the widely used techniques to counter thyroid imbalances.


Steps to perform: Begin in downward-facing dog pose- heels on the floor- lift right leg off the floor and bend at the knee- knee facing the sky- tilt right leg slight towards the left side- repeat with the left leg.

Parshvakonasana- Angle Stretch

Steps to perform: Begin in downward-facing dog pose- lift right leg and place it between your palms- left knee off the floor- knee must be straight and left heel on the floor- bend right knee such that knee and heel are aligned- lift left palm off the floor towards the sky and look upwards.

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Steps to perform: Begin by sitting with your legs extended forward- bend forwards and hold your big toes with your hands- tuck nose between your knees.

Kapalbhati Pranayama


Steps to perform- Begin by sitting in a comfortable posture. As you exhale, your stomach must go inwards.




Although, while these asanas may be simple, it is advised to practice them under the guidance of a qualified yoga master.