The Many Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

Starting a new exercise regimen can be tough at any age, but for an older adult, it can be especially intimidating. For those who are out of shape or dealing with health conditions it can be downright scary. That’s where yoga comes in. A beginner’s yoga class can be a great way to stay active and also reduce stress. Yoga helps keep your joints and bones healthy, increase flexibility, and improve sleep. Before starting yoga, you should consult a doctor or health professional to make sure you are healthy enough to participate or if there are any precautions you need to take.

Healthy Aging and Exercise

Exercise is a critical part of healthy aging, as long as it’s done correctly. With a regular exercise routine, seniors will feel more energetic and can better manage the aches and pains that come with aging. This leads to a safer, more independent life while helping you feel your best. A beginner’s yoga class is an excellent low-impact exercise that can have a significant positive impact as it’s not only safe, but it also has both physical and mental health benefits.

Despite what many people think, you don’t have to hit the weight room in order to strengthen muscles. Yoga practice is full of exercises that help you build muscle, thereby making daily activities easier. Yoga involves gentle, guided stretching that improves flexibility and range of motion. Limited range of motion can make seniors more susceptible to falls or make daily tasks more strenuous. Many yoga positions are designed to increase spinal flexibility that reduces the likelihood of getting a stiff back or neck.

Promoting good bone and joint health

 As we age, bones lose density and joints become stiffer. Yoga helps to slow or even prevent bone density loss and is great for individuals with osteoporosis. Regularly moving joints reduces both stiffness and tenderness. Your yoga instructor may be able to help by providing tools like blocks, straps, or inflatable balls to make the positions easier. The goal is to strengthen bones, joints and muscles to hopefully prevent future injuries.

Promoting good mental health

In addition to stretching, yoga also focuses on your breathing, meditation, and calm reflection. It gives your mind a break – helping you reduce stress and keep centered. Yoga is practiced by millions daily for the benefit of improving their mood and their sleep patterns.

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