The Long-Term Health Benefits Of Yoga – Times Square Chronicles

Yoga dates back several thousand years and commonly associated with physical, cultural, and religious activities. Many people practice(d) yoga to balance their spiritual, physical, and emotional health for decades.  Among other benefits, yoga can be used as a form of both preventative medicine and treatment for various health conditions. Squeezing in just 15 minutes of yoga every day could transform your health and mood in more ways than anyone can imagine. Some of the long-term health benefits of yoga are discussed below.

  1. It improves flexibility and overall body posture

Practicing yoga daily helps stretch body muscles, but also tones them as well. This plays a significant role in making your more flexible and stronger over time. The simple stretching exercises work wonders on your legs, shoulders, arms, and abs, thus improving your performance over time. In addition to this, practicing yoga helps restore proper body posture hence the perfect home remedy for neck, shoulder and back pains.  The improved flexibility also means fewer chances of suffering severe injuries from accidents. 

2. It Promotes Weight-Loss

While it may seem simple, practicing yoga every day triggers increased metabolism which in most instances leads to weight loss. Increased metabolic rates translate to faster respiration of body fats thus helping you to tone down. Aside from the heightened metabolism, yoga helps calm brain cells which again inhibits production of the stress hormone, cortisol. Stress is one of the leading causes of binge eating and weight gain in many people today. Nonetheless, practicing yoga can see you have a body-mind connection which helps you to take proper care of yourself in the long run.

3. It Helps Combat Stress

Stress can have a significant impact on your health and personal wellbeing. Yoga, however, helps you learn how to manage stress through controlled breathing, poses, and meditation. Practicing the three elements not only helps bust stress but also makes it possible to regulate heart-rate variability. This generally means you can cope with stress/stressful conditions much better. This proves to be helpful many years after quitting yoga. The fact that you can take relaxing postures means you get to control and calm both the mind and body. 

4. Improved Concentration and Clear Thinking

Yoga and meditation require one to concentrate on his/her inner self and breathing. Simply practicing yoga in the morning improves your overall concentration throughout the day. Practicing this every day, therefore, means you will be able to perform better later in life than individuals that didn’t do yoga at all. This is because yoga contributes to improved cognitive functions hence the ability to think clearly even when age has caught up with you.

5. Helps Manage Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common condition today. Stress, among other factors, is one of the leading causes of hypertension and heart-related conditions.  Practicing yoga however helps lower blood pressure by helping the body calm down. Yoga is also one of the effective home remedies for stress and depression as well. It also helps fight inflammation on muscles (heart muscles) which also helps lower the risk of cardiovascular conditions even farther. These are just but a few of the many health benefits of yoga. Practicing yoga today therefore translates to a healthier you in days to come. It also helps you overcome obstacles that would have otherwise proven tough were it not for yoga.