The Best Yoga Routine for Weight Loss

If you’ve been doing a general yoga routine for weight loss but don’t seem to be making any headway on your goal, you might want to take a step back and look at the asanas you’re following. While Yoga is traditionally used as a holistic therapy to calm your mind and aura, it’s got some very interesting benefits when it’s used for weight loss. Apart from being the best way to lose weight naturally and holistically, it also tones down your stress hormones and improves the metabolism – thus leading to a lighter and healthier state of mind and body! 

Let’s take a look at the asanas that make up the best yoga routine for weight loss! 

  1. Plank 

One of the most common postures in yoga, the plank is now used by fitness enthusiasts all over the world! A plank is used to strengthen your abdominal muscles, thus helping to tone the stomach and have you looking lean! Also, it boosts the metabolism and helps your posture! It’s quite easy to drop into a plank: All you need to do is lie with your face down as if you’re doing a push-up. 

Your palms should be on the floor next to your shoulders, while your toes (just the bottoms) should be on the floor with the feet flexed into an arch. Do a push-up while holding your navel in and tighten your glutes (buttocks). Try and breathe in and out naturally and stay in this position for ten seconds (for beginners). 

  1. Downward Dog 

Known as the Adho Mukha Svanasana, downward dog is one of the basic yet integral poses which fits into the best yoga routine for weight loss. Used for toning the whole body, downward dog is ideal for training and toning your abs, arms, and thighs. Downward dog, if done correctly, can also boost metabolism and blood flow through the body, making it one of the most efficient yoga poses. Stand with your feet slightly apart and bend until your hands are on the ground. Your hips should be up and back as if your tailbone is being held up by something. Keep your core tight (navel in) and ensure your hands and heels are pressing into the ground, with your head slightly angled such that your eyes are trained on your feet. 

  1. Warrior II 

Also known as the Virabhadrasana B Asana of Yoga, Warrior II is best for toning your arms and thighs. This pose is quite similar to the starting pose used by martial artists. The warrior II is ideal for a yoga routine aimed at weight loss and is a standing pose where you stand with feet apart, one in front of the other. Your arms should be parallel to the floor. Navel in, back straight and glutes clenched. Then bend the front knee, so your thigh is parallel to the floor. The longer you hold this pose, the tighter your thigh muscles will become! 

  1. The Locust in your Yoga Routine

Ideal for losing belly weight, the locust – also known as the Salabhasana – is a pose specifically designed to increase the flexibility of the back but works like a charm for weight loss! Lie down with your front to the ground and arms by your side. Inhale as you try to lift your chest and reach your arms towards your feet. Use your thigh muscles to lift your legs off the ground. The longer you hold this pose, the higher your chances of losing that annoying belly fat fast! 

  1. The Bridge 

The bridge pose – also known as the Setu Bandha Sarvangasana. It is used to speed up your metabolism, thus helping you lose weight. This pose is quite difficult and should be done under supervision for the first time. Here’s how you do it: Lie down on your back and bend your knees so your heels are facing your backside. Then, with your arms at your sides with palms flat on the yoga mat, lift your core until you feel the pressure. Hold this pose for up to thirty seconds and then repeat. 

If you’re looking for the best yoga routine for weight loss, this is it! Start off with the downward dog, then move into the bridge and follow it up with the locust. After this, do the plank and then get up for the warrior II. Finish up with the downward dog and repeat the sequence. Remember to hold each pose for as long as you can to get amazing weight loss results!