The benefits of doing Yoga and Pilates

Why do Yoga and Pilates?

Which one is better? If I want to burn fat perhaps Pilates is better? But I need to release stress so maybe yoga is the way to go?

Are such thoughts preventing you from making a commitment to either….?
Let me go through the complimentary benefits of finding the time to practice both. Simply put Pilates focuses more on strength and Yoga focuses more on flexibility. The core strength that you develop in Pilates is most helpful in giving the strength and stability you need in your yoga poses. The stretching in yoga creates a balance to the core-oriented postures in Pilates. The focus on the breath in both disciplines links the physical exertion with the attention of the mind.

Still not entirely convinced? As an instructor here are my top 5 reasons for practicing both:

  • Both are known to support the development of long, strong, graceful bodies.
  • Both are associated with stress reduction.
  • Developing stability and strength in Pilates will lead you to increase your range of motion even further through yoga.
  • Pilates focuses on strengthening small stabilizer muscles. Your strength increases, you feel more energized and balanced and this transfers to both disciplines.
  • Much more focus is given to strengthening core muscles in Pilates. This gives better strength in balancing, inversions and core postures like navasana.
  • One of the best things we can ultimately do for our own bodies is keep them guessing. By incorporating different types of exercises, we’ll have greater awareness of how we tend to move. The more you practice Pilates, the more your body will strengthen for yoga.

    Amy instructs at iAspire Yoga Main Beach, Gold Coast and is passionate about teaching Yoga plus Pilates and connecting with her clients.

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