The Amount Of Yoga Exercise Positions Exist?

Asanas, or yoga postures, are the vital function of contemporary yoga exercise method. Gazing though media sources reveals hundreds if not hundreds of different asanas. Each style of yoga exercise has favorites, as well as new poses inspired by physical fitness and also acrobatics are included regularly. While it’s impossible to determine a specific number of positions, recognizing the essentials regarding yoga exercise stances will certainly offer you a harsh price quote of just the amount of exist.

Historic Postures

“The Yoga Exercise Sutras of Patanjali,” written around 200 CE, provide no guideline for particular yoga exercise positions. 2 manuals composed in the Middle Ages, “The Hatha Yoga Exercise Pradipika” and also “The Shiva Samhita,” list 84 asanas yet give comprehensive direction on less than two lots. A late 17th century work, “The Gherand Samhita” by Chanda Kapali, asserted that there were thousands of thousands of postures however offered comprehensive guideline for just 32 separate asanas. By the modern period 200 presents were detailed by the guru BKS Iyengar in his seminal message “Light on Yoga.”


The design of yoga exercise known as Ashtanga adheres to a collection pattern of asanas and connecting actions called vinyasas. For instance, Sun Salutation An includes seven unique stances and also additional series of asanas for novice, intermediate and advanced participants may consist of over 100 positions in a single, two hour practice session (See Reference 5). Bikram yoga, the initial “warm” style of yoga exercise, has 26 postures for novices and urges trainees to practice just these prescribed poses. Kundalini yoga, a design which includes shouting along with movement, teams numerous asanas with each other right into over two dozen collections called “kriyas” or exercise sets, each created to reinforce various components of the body.


When it concerns counting the actual variety of stances, variants will certainly raise the size of that list. For example, marichyasnasa or “posture of a sage” contends the very least four different variations. Similarly, lotus position can be half, complete, bound, onward bent or beginning– with your arms threaded through your legs, hands holding your chin while stabilizing on your butts.

Fundamental Placements

You can safely count five various households of asana: harmonizing, standing, seated, reclining on your back or laying on your belly. The first family is identified by equilibrium difficulties such as sustaining your weight on one foot as in tree present, throughout your hands as well as feet as in downward encountering canine, or even on your hands just as in crow posture. The other family members can be additional sub-divided into just how each asana organizes your backbone: forward bends, in reverse flexes and turns.