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Soulful Living by CiaraWonder~Intuitive Bodywork MassageTouch is one of the most


Soulful Living by CiaraWonder
Intuitive Bodywork Massage
Touch is one of the most powerful healing modalities. It provides a sense of comfort, deep relaxation and brings us back into our bodies. Massage is oneMore of the many ways to directly relieve tension and pent up anxiety and reduce symptoms of depression.
Now offering 60-minutes of intuitive bodywork which includes a variety of healing practices such as aromatherapy massage, pranayama (controlled breathing), and sound healing. This session promotes a deep sense of calm + more fluidity in mind and body. Organic herbal tea is complimentary.
Priced at $77 per session
Vaginal Steam + Massage
The womb is the most sacred place on earth.
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