Mental Benefits Of Yoga

Why Is Yoga Good For Mental Health?

It is a well-established fact in the world today that the 5,000-year old practice of Yoga has unprecedented health benefits both for the body and the mind. Founded in the ancient India, Yoga has been enabling humans to achieve inner-serenity as well as amazing physical accomplishments throughout the world history. However, since we are talking here exclusively about mental health, modern scientific researchershave further clarified our knowledge of the remarkable mental health benefits Yoga offers to us. That is why almost 15 million American practice Yoga regularly, and this number has been constantly on the rise. So, let’s get to know some great mental health benefits offered by Yoga.

Yoga helps eliminate Depression -:

Several studies have provided clear evidence that certain techniques of Yoga are highly helpful in eliminating depression. Specifically speaking, doing Yoga regularly significantly reduces anxiety and stress, both of which are fundamental elements of depression. Yoga increases the BDNF protein in the brain which acts as a natural anti-depressant for the mind.

Regular Yoga Keeps The Brain From Shrinking With Age –:

Some studies have found out that a regular routine of Yoga keeps the brain from shrinking as the person gets old. A connection has been found between Yoga meditational activities, and the increase of brain’s mass, via MRI scans done by the researchers at different medical facilities around the globe. The preservation of brain volume contributes to better mental health and decision making even in old ripe age.

Yoga & Improved Memory -:

This is not a hidden fact anymore since everyone is quite aware that daily Yoga exercise greatly improvises memory and concentration span of the brain. But for your confirmation, an article published in Live Science clearly demonstrates how Yoga is beneficial for our memory. Along with enhancing memory, Yoga also enhances our concentration span by making our brain’ concentration receptors more responsive and active. So, all those who are looking to increase their memory and concentration span should look no further than a regular schedule of Yoga.

Peace, Tranquility, & Comfort of Mind -:

Perhaps the single most admiring and popular factor that has made Yoga a household practice today. Mediational exercises of Yoga are known to provide a high level of mental peace and comfort to the mind, as well as the body too. Alone in 2016, almost 36 million Americans were said to have started practicing Yoga every day just for the sake of obtaining peace of mind.


It’s always better to get late than never! If you are seriously looking to get away from chemicalized medicines to help you obtain mental sanctity and health, go for a regular Yoga practice routine. Yoga will give your mind and body a whole new level of excellence and comfort, but only when you get in touch with a certified Yoga teacher or fitness coach to properly train you about a diverse range of Yoga meditational activities.