Malaika Arora suggests 3 Yoga exercises to say ‘hello’ to

Encouraging fans to purify blood as they workout this Monday, Bollywood actor and fitness enthusiast Malaika Arora spilled the beans on three Yoga exercises that say “hello” to radiant skin. Serving her weekly Monday motivation, the diva shared the three Yoga exercises that she practices regularly for a healthy skin and we are inspired to add them to our fitness routine as we head out to grind this work week.

Taking to her social media handle, Malaika gushed, “We all need to keep our body hydrated to beat the heat and keep it healthy. While we continue to drink lots and lots of water, this #MalaikasMoveOfTheWeek I am sharing 3 poses that I practice regularly for healthy skin (sic).” She added, “These poses can be very effective in purifying blood leading to a healthy looking skin. Check it out! (sic).”

1. Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand Pose of Yoga

Benefits: Malaika revealed, “Sarvangasana regulates the flow of blood towards your face as you are upside down. This is how the quality and texture of your skin improves while also building strength around shoulders and back (sic).”

Malaika Arora performing Sarvangasana or Shoulder Stand Pose of Yoga(Instagram/malaikaaroraofficial)

Method: Lie down in the supine position. Raise your legs slowly upward and bring it to a 90-degree angle. Bring the legs towards the head by raising the buttocks. For the next step, raise the legs, abdomen and chest and try to form a straight line with your body.

Place your palms on your back for extra support and place your chin against your chest. Try and maintain the position for as long as you are comfortable. However, try to stay in this position for at least a minimum of 15 seconds.

2. Halasana or Plough Pose of Yoga

Benefits: Malaika stressed, “This pose helps to reduce stress, calm the mind and improves your digestive process, all of which has an amazing effect on your skin (sic).”

Malaika Arora performing Halasana or Plough Pose of Yoga(Instagram/malaikaaroraofficial)

Method: Lie on your back with your palms facing the ground. Take a deep breath in and with that exhale, press your palms into the floor and raise your legs towards the ceiling. For added support you can place your hands on your lower back.

You can also bend your knees if you’re losing balance. Slowly and gradually, try touching your feet to the ground behind. Breathe slowly. To come out of the post, slowly release your hands from your back and bring your feet flat on the ground.

3. Trikonasana or Triangle Pose of Yoga

Benefits: Malaika elaborated, “Trikonasana is a pose that opens the chest and shoulders. This opening of the chest allows supply of fresh oxygen to the skin. Along with benefiting the skin, it also gives you toned arms, legs and thighs as you practice regularly (sic).”

Malaika Arora performing Trikonasana or Triangle Pose of Yoga(Instagram/malaikaaroraofficial)

Method: Stand straight on a flat even ground with your feet comfortably apart. Turn your right foot to face outside while keeping the heel inwards. Both heels should be in a straight line.

Inhale and bend your body from your hip to the right and raise your left arm straight up. Meanwhile, your right hand can either rest on your ankle or shin or even on the mat if you are comfortable.

Keeping your head in line with your torso, you can gaze up at your left palm if comfortable. With every exhale, Malaika suggested to let the body relax a little more.

This is all the fitness motivation we needed to roll out our Yoga mats. What about you?

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