The Mobility Stretch Strap is an evolved stretch strap having adjustable give that facilitates optimal contraction during a stretch.

One may experience effortless assisted stretch, self monitored mobilizations, postural correction and resisted exercises along with supported yoga poses.

Features of the MSS include:

• A central adjustable harness for posture and limb leveraging for stretch or exercise.
• A secure buckle to enhance diversity of use for multi use leveraging
• Strong elastic fabric to cater to resistance stretch and exercise.

My name is Andrea Vargas.  I am a skilled body worker and Personal Trainer in Corrective Exercise, TRX, Integrated Core as well as Pre and Post-Natal of 6-years, having previously 5-years experience with work-related injuries as a Medical Assistant within Kaiser’s Occupational Medicine Department. I have studied non-surgical resolutions by Dr. Janet Travell (Physician to JFK and Founder of Trigger-point Therapy) as well as Dr. Edmund Jacobson (Founder of Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Biofeedback). My additional certifications lie in Trigger-point Therapy through the Center for Massage Therapy; Total Body Stretch through Massage Envy and Neuromuscular Stretching through NASM. I have direct experience of not only rehabbing people from injury but also rehabilitating myself.

In 2006 I was deemed permanent and stationary for repetitive stress brought on from excessive typing; in 2012 I was also deemed permanent and stationary from pre & post natal sciatica brought on by a non-ergonomic work environment; and in 2015 I suffered from rib displacement of over 6-months due to a bad chiropractic adjustment. Learning how to make my body whole again was my only option having a very physical occupation. I am grateful to say that self-education and implementation have enabled me to find the right resources to treat old and new injuries successfully while in turn teaching others how to do this for themselves. The main tools in my toolbox are Trigger-point Therapy to disarm knots and restore fascia; Progressive Muscle Relaxation facilitated against assisted stretch to break up scar tissue while increasing circulation and finally prescribing functional exercises that restore stability, structure and function.

In my line of work I must be strong, though I must be aware of the contrast of my size when working with people who are double and sometimes triple my size. This is why I I use the Mobility Stretch Strap for resisted stretch. This tool enables the client to comfortably place a good amount of effort against the stretch thus breaking up the scar tissue that could be inhibiting their range of motion. To be efficient I find and address the trigger-points prior to resisted stretch. Most people return  weekly until their issues are resolved. Others who are athletes will return weekly to enhance their performance. Others may wish to return bi-weekly for maintenance.

The Mobility Stretch Strap comes in two selections. The 1st selection consists of a type elastic give ideal for exercises such as chest flies, reverse flies, tricep extensions, bicep curls, leg extensions and leg curls – the list goes on. The 2nd selection consists of strong elastic ideal for resisted stretch along with the aforementioned exercises from the 1st – though with a more challenging in resistance. Please visit the Instructional Manual Sample section for demonstrations.

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