Nowadays, many people have a common issue regarding hip flexibility. When you sit for a long time, your inner thighs, hip flexors, and groin get short and tight, and this causes back pain and poor posture. Garland pose, or Malasana, is a hip-opening yoga pose that helps open and lengthens the hips. Therefore, you can easily have more mobility in your daily activities with the help of this pose.

Garland pose instructions

The Garland pose can be started by standing at the top of the mat in the Mountain pose, by putting the sides’ arms. The feet can be stepped as far as the mat.By lowering your hips, you have to lower your knees coming into a squat. You have to separate the thighs to make them slightly wider than the torso, but your feet must be close together. Support your heels with a folded mat or blanket if your heels can lift.Bring the upper arms to the side of your knees by dropping the torso a little forward. Along the inside of your knees, press your elbows and brings your palms together. You have to get your hands to the heart center and the forearms parallel to the floor.Lengthen and lift the torso, and keep your shoulders relaxed and the spine straight. Slightly shift your weight into the heels, and hold this for five breaths. To release, you have to bring the fingertips to the floor and straighten your legs slowly.

Malasana benefits

Malasana or Garland pose can tone your overall body, including arms, neck, chest, hips, and thighs. The following are the Malasana benefits.

It is suitable for the lower back

Malasana is excellent for your entire back, as it builds muscle flexibility related to the back. With the tightening of the lower back muscles, the spine tends to expand.

It conditions legs

The Garland pose works great for the whole leg, quadriceps, inner thighs, calves, hamstrings, and ankles. In this particular position, the body’s weight on the ankle makes sure that there is proper blood circulation, and therefore, the leg muscles function in a much better way.

It opens up the chest and shoulders

With the help of Malasana, the shoulders and chest can become strong, and the muscles start to expand. This helps to improve flexibility and flow of blood.

It improves digestion

There are several health benefits of the Garland pose. This pose helps the abdominal organs be well massaged, so the toning of the abdominal muscles helps improve digestion.

It relieves lower backache

Malasana is very useful for any lower back pain, especially for women during menstruation. The lower back muscles are expanded with this pose. Thus the hips are kept healthy, and this can offer generous support to the reproductive organs.

Bottom Line

When you have tight hips, your whole body is out of whack, but your hips will loosen and become quite flexible when you do stretching regularly. You have to practice Malasana or Garland pose on a regular basis and use its variations and modifications that can make you feel secure. You will notice that the entire range of motion of your body will improve over time.

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