Gaining Weight Through Yoga

by Aparna

Please suggest me a diet and yoga asanas for weight gain. I am 23 and weigh 40 kg. I intend to put on 10 more kgs.


Yoga philosophy supports the concept of ideal body weight. Yoga practice will regulate your metabolism to provide ideal body weight.

Although, yoga as such cannot help you to gain weight but can regulate your metabolism if it is too fast. Also yoga can help you to improve your strength and posture. One option is to gain weight by eating more calories and reducing your activity levels (sedentary lifestyle). Better option is to aim for weight gain in a healthy way by doing regular exercise well and eating high calorie nutritious diet.

Do regular yoga to reduce stress levels. Sleep more than 7-8 hours per night. If you do not find time to eat properly or adequate relaxation, slow down your life.

Eating for weight gain:

  • Eat more often, take short meals every 2 hours or so.
  • Best way to consume extra calories is to eat more fats.
  • Eat nutrient rich foods like nuts, dairy products, enough of protein, fruits, dry fruits
  • Include dairy products like whole milk, butter, cream , ghee(clarified butter) or cheese.
  • Increase carbohydrates intake from whatever source you love to eat.
  • Eat plenty of fruits especially bananas and mangoes.
  • Drink fresh fruit juices, shakes.

Aim for gradual weight gain over a

period of time.

The asanas beneficial for strength and weight gain are surya namaskar (sun salutation), bhujang asana (cobra pose), dhanur asana (bow pose), chakrasana (wheel pose), hal asana (plough pose), sarvangh asana (shoulder stand pose).

Most common Queries on Weight Gain I get a lot of queries from the site visitors about how to gain weight. Here are some additional tips to go about the issue.

Step 1. You can consult a doctor so that there is nothing wrong medically and to get advise on your weight vis a vis ideal body weight for your height and age. Do not worry if your weight is on lower side but within limits, though you may look thin.

Step 2. Do a self assessment about the following.
~ your diet
~ lifestyle
~ stress levels
~ sedentary or active lifestyle
~ exercise you do.

Step 3. Start a yoga practice of at least one hour and include up to 30 or 50 suryanamaskars. Yoga practice can strengthen your muscles and make you fit. I suggest aim for fitness more than weight gain. Yoga practice can give you the necessary strength and self confidence not to unnecessarily worry about the weight.

Step 4. You may do some weight training to gain more muscle mass.

Step 5. Be very careful with your food. Eat at fixed timings and eat only healthy food.

Hope this helps.