Yoga Kick Start Kit


*PLEASE NOTE: For a limited-time only, I am giving away the ultimate 4 week, follow-along from home yoga DVD kick start kit for FREE to the wonderful women new to the yoga community only. Please watch the video after you signup for details, and then be sure to grab your FREE yoga kick start kit worth $197 while they’re still available. I can’t wait to hear how it works for you!

This complete follow-along-from-home Ultimate Yoga Kick Start is jam-packed with so much Yoga, that I literally could not add anything else to this 4 DVD set! There is just no more space!!

Here’s a look at everything that you are going to receive:

☑️ Over 6 hours of totally unique and relaxing follow-along Restorative Yoga videos to help calm, de-stress and reset your mind, body, and spirit.

☑️ A fully comprehensive Beginner Flow dedicated to help keep you flexible, safe, healthy, and injury free by concentrating on mastering the fundamentals of Yoga.

☑️ 3 Guided Meditations – Each of these unique mediation classes is designed to be soothing and centering while specifically helping you focus on the body, mind, or soul.

☑️ 20 in-depth Yoga Pose Tutorials to help you master all of the most essential and vital poses that are the building blocks of a strong Yoga foundation.

☑️ The Ultra Unique and Rejuvenating “Yoga Nidra” Total Relaxation Class ( do not be surprised if you sleep like a baby after this!)

And much much more!!

Make today a great day, and take advantage of this special opportunity to have this Ultimate Yoga Kick Start Kit sent right to your home so you can begin experiencing all of the wonderful benefits of Yoga as soon as possible!