Extending With Yoga Blocks

Chances are you’re likewise stuck at house as well as aiming to get some physical activity. So I want to show you one way we professional dancers enjoy to stretch any place we might be– movie theater, hotel, or house.

Individuals usually recognize of the yoga exercise block as a vital prop for, well, yoga exercise. Yet we professional dancers additionally such as to take advantage of this block. It might appear like a straightforward piece of rectangle-shaped foam, but it actually has several uses, especially when it involves extending. Here are a few of our favorites:

(Note that some are simple, while others are only suggested for advanced cots.)

Foot Stretches

1. Find a bench, rack, or anything with just sufficient room beneath it for a block and your foot. Place the yoga exercise block under it, move your foot under the block, and slowly align your leg to extend your foot.

2. Find something approximately knee-high. Bend your knees as well as lean them versus whatever you’re using. One at a time, put the rear of each foot against the floor. Now place a yoga exercise block behind your heels as well as sit on top of the block. You can also do this one foot each time. Cushioning is extremely advised for the knees and also feet. I usually such as to place my feet on an extra yoga exercise block.

Front Split

1. Location a yoga exercise block on the floor, location one foot on it, and afterwards slide back with the other foot so you go into a split. For a more difficult stretch, you can either pile a few blocks with each other (beware of falling blocks!), discover a chair or bench and also place a block on it, or pile a couple of yoga exercise blocks (we have a LOT of yoga exercise blocks) in front and also behind of you.

2. Find an empty wall surface. Lift one leg directly versus the wall surface, after that put the yoga block behind the heel of your elevated foot. For even more of a stretch, glide your sustaining foot far from the wall surface.

Side Split

Rest on the flooring in an upright split setting. Slide a yoga block under each knee and also gradually lean your body onward until you are relaxing in a split placement on the flooring.


Area a yoga exercise block on the flooring and slowly relax on your back, placing your shoulder blades on top of the block. Raise your arms over your head back towards the floor. Pump your arms backwards and forwards for a bit of extra pressure.


Utilizing the very same technique as above, place the yoga exercise block under whichever part of your back you want to extend.

To boost the stretch in these exercises, you can turn or rotate the block.

Do you have differently to stretch with a yoga block? Please let us know in the comments below.

* Note: all images were taken last autumn, before the 2020 trip.

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