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RANK ANSWER  CLUE LOTUS Cross-legged yoga position LOTUS POSITION Cross-legged yoga attitude (5,8) YOGA Cross-legged exercises YOGI One who sits cross-legged, maybe GURU Teacher sitting cross-legged, maybe YOGA MAT You might sit cross-legged on one HEADSTAND Yoga position ASANA Yoga position called the “one seat” EAR TO ONES HEART Neck-stretching yoga position? CLAM Shellfish or a yoga position (4) POSE Yoga position CRAB Shellfish or a yoga position (4) CROSS LEGGED Yoga position (5-6) EGGED ON Encouraged to be some cross-legged onlooker? (5,2) YOGIC FLYING Exercise of hopping while cross-legged that is a central aspect of the TM-Sidhi program introduced by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in 1975 CLIMB Start to cross leg, perhaps ? shin up? DREAM JOBS Yoga positions, for many yogis? ASANAS Yoga positions GO EASY ON Steady with the yoga – one’s in a funny position (2,4,2) STANCE “Ready” position when a batsman is about to perform a delivery in cricket; an “asana” in yoga; or, a