Class Description.

***Please Note:  Front door of the studio is locked at the start of class ***

Flow & Restore

A class that embodies the best of physical postures and relaxation. Beginning with an active flow, and finishing with the relaxation of a few restorative poses at the end. All levels are welcome. 

Gentle – Serentiy Yoga

Movement of the body linked with breath in a slow and thoughtful manner. All levels welcome. 


Ha/tha – the two syllables refer to the sun and moon. The active, warm aspects of body during postural movement and the cool relaxing experience after. This class has a strong physical practice of postures, and a more relaxing stretch at the end of class. All levels are welcome, and props are encouraged.  

Morning Bliss 

All Levels Class.  Start your morning out nice and slow, and then enjoy the benefit of a full body stretch the rest of the day.  This is a class with thoughtful and gentle movements that benefits the entire body.  


Restorative yoga is a gentle, calming, and therapeutic class that restores the nervous system and releases tensions from the body.  Poses are held for a longer period of time, and props are used to enhance the physical and mental relaxation.  This class emphasizes the meditative beauty of yoga.  

 Slow Flow / Restorative with Reiki 

 Come experience deep relaxation! This is a quiet and gentle practice aimed to reverse some of the effects of daily stress and is perfect for new and experienced yogis with all body types, abilities and flexibility levels. You will have the time and space during the class to notice how you feel and discover how good it feels to release tension in your muscles. We begin with a calming, guided meditation, followed by a quiet practice with slow, gentle movements. Lastly are some relaxing, restorative postures in which Reiki healing energy is offered. You will have a choice for hands on Reiki or no Reiki. (Reiki is a Japanese healing modality – Rei meaning universal and Ki meaning life energy. Similar to acupuncture, it is said to release energy blockages in and around the body in a warm, pleasant way.

Vinyasa Flow 

Vinyasa means breath with movement. This moderately paced flow of physical postures linked with the breath is the main focus. All levels will benefit from this combination of mindful flow, stretching, and meditation.


Yin yoga focuses on the deep connective tissues of your body; fascia, ligaments, and joints. This class is slower and more meditative. It provides you space to turn your thoughts inward and become aware of the physical sensations of your body. Poses are held for a longer time (3-10 minutes). 


Combining the practical tools of 12 Step programs and sharing circle along with yoga.  No experience necessary. 

 $10 Donation suggested