Chair Yoga for Seniors: Stretches and Poses that You Can

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Chair Yoga for Seniors: Stretches and Poses that You Can Do Sitting Down at Home

By Lynn Lehmkuhl

One of the biggest concerns among aging men and women is the fear of falling. Chair yoga, or “yoga while seated, ”allows anyone to experience all of the benefits of an exercise program while near completely eliminating that concern. In Chair Yoga for Seniors, registered yoga practitioner and instructor Lynn Lehmkuhl offers your audience easy-to-follow yoga positions and stretches that can be done at home, while sitting down. Chair Yoga for Seniors outlines the physical and mental benefits that come with practicing yoga daily and provides instructions for numerous different exercises!

The routines found in Chair Yoga for Seniors can help your audience make daily exercise a reality and provide invaluable benefits such as increased energy and a boost in confidence.

There are 50 step-by-step, safe effective exercises included and Lynn Lehmkuhl can discuss the fundamentals with your audience:

·        The Full body warm-ups

·        Joint Rolls

·        Beginner routines

·        Intermediate Routines

·        Expert routines

·        Full body cooldowns

Lynn has been training me in chair yoga for quite some time now. I am 69 years old with complicated spinal issues, due to a lengthy illness. Prior to meeting my sessions with Lynn, I was out of shape and also out of balance. Since working with Lynn, I have become much stronger and balanced.

She is a perfectionist and her method is effective. If I’m no doing something correctly, she will stop me and correct my position. That way I cannever injure myself. Lynn’s outgoing personality and her dedication to her craft make her the perfect combination for me. I have already recommended hereto friends who are not ready for or interested in other forms of yoga.

– Sandra, Chair Yoga Client, Manhattan

As a physicaltherapist with a busy private practice in Manhattan, I can attest that the chair yoga that Lynn provides is a much-needed asset. Lynn’s bubbly personality along with her extensive knowledge base go a long way toward bringing both joy and a newfound physical prowess to her clients.

– Ron Meador PT, DPT, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Lynn has been providing Yoga and Exercise sessions for the participants and their caregivers of our social day program for older adults with dementia (CARE Program) as a volunteer on a weekly basis.

CARE participants are in the mid-to-advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease. Often, they are unable to communicate verbally, a participant in any proposed activities, and at times present problematic behaviors. This demands tremendous sensitivity and patience on the part of the staff to interact with and facilitate clients’ engagement in program activities. Lynn definitely represents those qualities.

At the moment Lynn enters the program’s room, with her presence it feels like we are all at ease, relaxed, and motivated to exercise. As the director of the program, I have been able to observe not only the highest levels of professionalism, skills and knowledge Lynn possesses, but also her deeply human, emphatic and creative approaches in her interactions with our clients, their caregivers, our staff and other volunteers.

Our program has been enriched by her spontaneity and wealth of ideas, as they encourage a wide range of expressions in our members. Her efforts in getting to know each of the participants and find the right channels to connect with them has resulted in positive changes, regardless of the different backgrounds and dementia levels of our participants. This is a beautiful and inspiring experience for my staff and I.

Lynn has been very successful in accommodating all, including our clients’ caregivers who look forward to each session she does for the program. Most of these caregivers are hard-working, immigrant women who, in addition to being isolated from their own families due to the demands of their work(often 24/7), have no time for personal entertainment, relaxation or self-care. They have expressed their appreciation for Lynn’s classes, which they believe not only help them engage their clients better but also inspires them to apply this knowledge when working with their clients at home.

My staff and I are enormously grateful for all the great work Lynn has done for us. I have personally felt immeasurable enriched in my  understanding of the power of yoga in our group setting. Something that we have not really anticipated to be such a successful activity – now has become one of the very best liked activities by our members.

We are extremely lucky to have Lynn, a great yoga instructor and a generous person, contribute to the success of our program.

– Elizabeth Hartowicz, CARE Program Director

Lynn has been working with my wife, who has been wheelchair-bound for many years as the result of several disabling medical conditions. The results have been striking. In her engaging and very friendly way, she has helped my wife to take steps toactivate herself physically and to herself engage in activities that were otherwise closed to her. Lynn is a persistent, gentle, engaging and knowledgeable.

– Henry Nunberg, MD

Lynn is a pleasure to work with! She is a very skilled, patient and compassionate facilitator for our Adult Day Program clients. She will be a strong asset to any organization with whom she chooses to work!

– Ruth Maderski, Program Director, New Jewish Home

Chair Yoga for Seniors: Stretches and Poses that You CanDo Sitting Down at Home

By: Lynn Lehmkuhl ·

Paperback: 164 pages ·

Publisher: Skyhorse; 1 edition (April7, 2020) ·

Language: English ·

ISBN-10: 1510750630 ·

ISBN-13: 978-1510750630

Lynn Lehmkuhl is a registered yoga teacher with additional specialized training in chair yoga and therapeutic yoga. In 2015, she trained with the preeminent chair yoga teacher, Lakshmi Voelker, in order to bring yoga to those who suffer from physical or cognitive impairments. In 2016, Lynn completed Adaptive Teacher Training which is the therapeutic application of yoga. In addition to working with her clients Lynn volunteers weekly at the Lenox Hill Neighborhood Alzheimer program. She lives and works in New York City.

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