Can Yoga reduce weight? You should be able to get

Yoga is a common way to lose weight. So, yoga weight loss how thin stomach, effective? Belly fat friends to come and see~

How to lose weight by yoga

1. Mm first sit on the yoga mat, the spine of the body must be vertical as far as possible, hands on the thigh twice, gently rub the thigh, activity shoulder.

2. Lean forward slowly and try to hold both feet and ankles. If you still can’t do this action mm don’t have to worry, slowly bend down the waist, hands to grasp the feet of any place. Let your spine and cervical spine stretch in this movement.

3. Lie flat on the yoga mat, slowly lift your left leg up, move towards your upper body, hold your feet by the ankles, and try to make your thigh close to your upper body. At the same time, MM’s upper body should try not to bend.

4. Let go of your left leg, let your left leg stand upright, and stretch your hands up with your leg. Maybe this action is difficult for some mm. It is suggested that you MM try to hold the knee. Repeat about 3-4 twice to get to Part 5.

5. Hold your thigh tightly to your upper body. Take a deep breath and hold it.

6. Exhale, look up and try to reach your knees with your chin. Bend down, make your waist become an arc, back and forth again.

Yoga movements of thin waist and thin abdomen

Fast thin waist method one, lift leg

How to lose weight by yoga

Weight loss focus: abdomen, buttocks

Raise legs and lean abdomen and buttocks


Sit on the stairs (bed edge, hard chair edge), put your feet on the ground, grasp the edge of the stairs, and lift your legs to the same height as your hips. Keep your feet together in a good position. Lower your feet and return to the starting position. Repeat 5-10 times.

Methods of fast thin waist II. Arch bridge

Weight loss focus: arms, abdomen, back, legs

Arch bridge Yoga thin limbs


A. Lie on your stomach with your back straight. Support your body with your forearms and toes. Keep your neck in line with your back.

B. Raise your hips up so that your body is in an inverted V-shape with your head between your arms. Keep your posture relaxed. Slowly return to action a. Repeat 5-10 times.

Fast thin waist method 3, down pressure

Weight loss focus: waist, abdomen

Push down Yoga thin waist and abdomen


Face down, lie on the bench (bedside), left foot on the ground, left toe and shoulder in a vertical line, extend the right leg back, chest, hands support the body.

Fast thin waist method 4. Twist

Weight loss focus: abdomen, back

Twist Yoga thin belly back


How to lose weight by yoga

Sitting position. Raise the jaw, stretch the neck and twist to the left and right respectively. 2 minutes for each group.

You can do the same

Standing position, feet shoulder width, arms extended upward, crossed in the back, right hand touching left shoulder, left hand touching right shoulder, abdomen, twist the trunk to the left, rest for 5 seconds, return to the center position, twist to the other side. Do it 5-10 times.