Can yoga help you lose weight?


Ok this is something a lot of people search on the internet. And of course there’s not an answer for everyone. As we know, each body is different.

But overall certain types of yoga, like Vinyasa and Bikram, are more active and can burn calories, contributing directly to weight loss. While other types, like Yoga Nidra, may help you lose weight indirectly by improving mental health and helping you to make healthier choices. Which is always great.

So, to sum it up, As part of a regular exercise regimen, yoga can help you lose weight because it burns calories. But perhaps the bigger benefit of yoga is the potential to increase mindfulness, which can reduce stress and help you live a healthier overall lifestyle. 

There are many different types of yoga, and while they all work on connecting breath with movement, some types of yoga are better suited for certain goals.

 Yoga Nidra is similar to restorative yoga. It focuses on relaxation, but also incorporates the use of props like bolsters or blankets to increase comfort and deepen relaxation. It focuses on meditation and relaxation, and has been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and improve sleep. So, this type of yoga won’t burn many calories but can enhance your overall mental and physical health.

 Vinyasa or “power” yoga. This kind of yoga flows from posture to posture, linking the movement of the body to the breath. It can be interesting to those who like a faster moving practice and more variety in the postures. Also, this type of yoga is more of an aerobic and is likely to burn more calories and help more directly with weight loss. 

Bikram or “hot” yoga. This style is characterized by the same 26 postures and related breathing exercises performed in exactly the same sequence in each class. The rooms in which Bikram are practiced are set to 40.5 degrees celsius and 40% humidity. This is great for those who like to sweat. The classes are usually 90 minutes long and can burn 300 to 500 calories, so this style is a good choice for those who wants to use yoga for weight loss.