Our bolsters also known as bolster pillows are designed to provide support for a variety of restorative and supine poses. Made from high-quality organic and recycled materials, the iYogaprops range of bolsters further our mission to be kind to the environment while supplying the equipment that helps yoga practitioners whether novice or advanced.

Each bolster is made to iYogaprops’ exacting specifications so that it will last through many years of home or studio use.

Easy Delivery of Bolsters to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Beyond

The purpose of yoga props is not to complicate the practice, but to provide an easier way for students to achieve correct posture and the many benefits that difficult poses can bring. We also wanted to make it simple for everyone to access yoga props like our bolsters. Sydney to Perth, Tasmania to Darwin, you will find straightforward and economical online shipping available from iYogaprops. You will also find our bolsters and other props available for use at studios throughout Australia.

Eco-Friendly Yoga Bolsters for Everyone

Here at iYogaprops we have also tried to keep the range of yoga bolsters simple. There are different choices for size, colour, and materials, and the choice you make will depend on your personal requirements and ethos.

Our Eco Bolsters are stuffed with fibre made from recycled PET drink bottles. Our preference is to find a new life for these ‘single-use’ plastics in yoga bolsters that will ideally provide a lifetime of use for their new owner, keeping harmful plastics out of landfill.

Organic Cotton Yoga Bolster Pillows

Though it is our preference to find a sustainable use for post-consumer waste, we understand that many customers are searching for a more natural product option, preferring not to use plastics in their home or studio. That is why we also supply organic cotton yoga bolster pillows – a close second for sustainability that will break down naturally should you ever need to dispose of your bolster.

Yoga Bolsters for Australia

Our aim is to manufacture and supply yoga bolsters to Australia that yoga instructors and home practitioners alike can rely on for durable service. Firmly packed, featuring high-quality materials and finishes such, sturdy drill organic cotton covers with reinforced carry handles at each end, with overlock stitching that prevents fraying in the wash, we want you to get as much use as possible out of your iYogaprops bolster.