Bikram Yoga 26 Poses

Bikram Yoga 26 Poses

The main causes responsible for draining the kidney and bladder are stress, succumbing to and reaffirming fear-based behavior and excess activity like overworking or excess physical training. One’s genes and bodily constitution also play a role in the overall health of the kidney’s energy. Therefore, if one knows their bodily constitution is not ideal, then extra caution is advised to not overwork and drain the kidney’s energy. Instead, devoting to a slower and more nurturing lifestyle is advisable as it helps build up the kidney energies over time.

The Water Element Meridians

Winter is directly associated with the kidney and bladder organs and meridians, so let’s take a closer look at these meridians and where they travel.

Kidney Meridian

This channel includes the lowest acupuncture point on the body. Starting on the sole of the foot, it rises up the inside of the foot and loops around the inner ankle. It then begins to rise up the inner leg and up to the groin where it goes internal and connects up with the base of the spine, the kidneys and the bladder. It re-emerges at the pubic area and then travels up the front of the body, over the abdomen and finishes just under the collarbone. There are also many other internal channels going on that connect up most of the organs in the body. The multitude of internal channels help to deliver the Jing Qi and deeper internal energies to nurture all the organs, therefore, making it one of the most important and crucial meridians and organs.

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Bladder Meridian

The bladder channel is the longest channel in the body. It begins at the inner corner of the eye and rises up over the top of the head where it goes into the brain. It re-emerges at the back of the head, and as it begins to descend down onto the back, it divides into two branches that both run parallel with the spine. At the area of the lumbar region, an internal branch connects to the kidneys and the bladder and then re-emerges to travel down the buttocks to the back of the knee. The outer branch travels all the way down, over the buttocks and down the centre of the back of the legs. This newly single channel passes behind the outer ankle and travels to the tip of the little toe.

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