For a long time, practicing yoga is considered one of the most acceptable ways to stay fit and release stress. There is no doubt that traditional yoga or gravity yoga is good for our body and mind, but there are a few additional benefits to Aerial yoga. Different centers and studios roll out the Hanging yoga classes in other areas, and we can see a growing trend over time.

The yoga centers encourage both the newbies and the long-time yogis that use aerial yoga benefits. One can expect a lot from the anti-gravity yoga class, and this particular practice looks quite like a cross between gymnastics and a Cirque du Soleil show.

What is Aerial yoga?

Aerial yoga is also known as anti-gravity yoga, and it is considered quite similar to traditional yoga. However, there is quite a difference between the two because your body weight gets support by a hammock when you participate in the aerial yoga classes. This means that a person that engages in aerial yoga will be suspended in the air.

The primary purpose is to help you build strength and flexibility, thus allowing you with more challenging poses without putting more pressure on the head, spine, or shoulders. It can be an excellent experience for the newcomers and even the experienced performers of yoga.


Benefits of Aerial yoga

Nowadays, it has become relatively more painless than ever to hit a hammock class and not only the big boost and fat burn to your level of fitness. Hanging yoga is among a few wacky yoga styles that you should try. The following benefits set aerial workouts apart from the ground alternatives.

It is excellent for back sufferers

Though aerial yoga classes are beneficial for everyone, they can be great, especially for those who experience back pain. With the help of the hammock support, less pressure is placed on the joints. Also, aerial yoga doesn’t strain the spine that is considered a significant advantage for those who suffer back pain.

It can help with breathing

An essential aspect of yoga is controlled breathing, and aerial yoga does help people to breathe deeply. When you hang in the air, you get the opportunity to completely relax, as you can comfortably maintain every pose with the help of aerial yoga. Over time, you will see an increase in your lung capacity.

It releases stress

One should never underestimate the stress relief by participating in aerial yoga classes. If a person is going through anxiety attacks or bad times, aerial yoga can help put the mind at ease. Therefore, you get the opportunity to mediate and only focus on the positive aspects of different things.

It enhances flexibility

One has to work consistently on flexibility to maintain a good range of motion. Aerial yoga can help you to stretch your muscles and tendons safely. When you are suspended in the air, you get more space to move, which means you can smoothly perform the yoga poses that you cannot do on the floor.

It burns calories

Aerial yoga is a lot more than relaxation and peace because it also helps you burn your calories through the balance it takes to stay in control. You need a stable core to be suspended in the air as you change your positions, and traditional yoga obviously can’t do that.

Bottom Line

Aerial yoga has been around for quite some time. It is becoming one of the latest fitness trends that you might have seen on Instagram, where pictures of several gravity-defying and gorgeous yoga poses can be seen. One doesn’t need to be an acrobat to love and learn aerial or anti-gravity yoga.

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