Assam Opinion Poll 2021: NDA set to retain power despite

Assam Assembly Elections 2021&nbsp | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspIANS

New Delhi: The election fever has almost reached its crescendo in the important North-Eastern state of Assam and the Times Now CVoter opinion poll gives the most comprehensive and reliable predictions for the mega battle. The current government, led by Chief Minister Sarbananda Sonowal is the first Bharatiya Janata Party regime in Assam since Independence.

The Times Now CVoter opinion poll went beyond the usual rhetoric and asked the citizens of Assam about what their views were on key issues, especially the Citizenship (Amendment) Act and how it would impact the voting pattern in the state.

The overall results throw light on the aspirations of the people in Assam as well as the issues that matter the most. The National Democratic Alliance (NDA) again looks set to form the government with a prediction of 69 seats while the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) is close at its heels with a projected 56 seats.

The projected range of Assembly seats is 65-73 for NDA, 52-60 for the UPA and 0-4 seats for others in Assam.

On being asked will the Congress-Mahajot alliance successfully manage to consolidate the Muslim vote bank behind it, the respondents had a mixed response. While 39.7 per cent said yes, a slightly larger 41.6 per cent said no. Moreover, 18.7 per cent of the respondents were not sure of it.

On being asked about Amit Shah’s statement that each vote for AIUDF is a vote for illegal immigration and if they agreed with it, a total of 44.4 per cent of respondents said yes while 38.7 per cent of the people said no. A total of 16.9 per cent of the citizens interviewed were not sure.

On being asked whether the BJP’s relative silence on the CAA in Assam help it, or hurt its prospects, the citizens seemed to have made up their mind. A total of 44.6 per cent believed that the BJP’s silence on this issue will increase its winning chances while 25.2 per cent said that the saffron party’s silence on this issue will hurt its prospects. However, 15.8 respondents believed that this will have no impact on the outcome of the Assam Assembly Elections 2021 while 14.4 per cent were unsure.

On being asked if they thought CAA is a threat to indigenous Assamese language and culture, a whopping 50.9 per cent of the people surveyed said yes while 31.2 per cent said no. A total of 17.9 per cent of the respondents were not sure in this regard. 

Below are some pertinent questions and responses: