9 Yoga postures for Weight Loss for Beginners

Yoga is a healthy way to lose weight without all the pain, sweating and thorough training. It has proven to be more beneficial because it is an active, calm, mindful way to lose weight. Yoga is more about feeling good in the present moment in your existing body shape, rather than just pushing harder to attain a specific body type. Yoga is more about embracing an entirely new lifestyle. A lifestyle that will improve your sleep cycle pattern, keep your senses active all the time, eating mindfully and many better lifestyle perks will start showing in with the introduction of online yoga in anyone’s life. 

Asanas for weight loss

This seated posture stretches the legs and back of the body. This posture is good for the abdomen and neck. 

For this particular posture, practitioners have to hold the pose as if they are sitting on a chair. This posture is very useful for toning up the leg muscles. 

  •      Downward facing dog

This posture looks like a small mountain pose. The downward-facing dog is a resting posture, but it is an effective posture to strengthen your core muscles. 

This yoga posture helps in reducing the abdominal muscles. Cobra pose is effective for losing weight from the upper body. 

This yoga posture includes 12 asanas in a sequence with coordinated breathing techniques. This asana helps in opening up the muscles of the entire body. It tones up body muscles. It makes core muscles strong, which boosts immunity and gut health. 

This yoga posture benefits several health issues. This may not directly contribute to weight loss, but it helps in improving digestion and metabolism rate. A reasonable metabolism rate is curial for weight loss. 

The warrior pose helps in improving full-body balance. It also tones up the arms, legs and thigh muscles. 

Upward plank helps in achieving rocking abs. This is one of the best yoga postures for weight loss. This posture also improves core muscle strength. 

This yoga posture is sufficient for the entire body. It enhances full-body strength and endurance. Boat postures burn a lot of calories in comparison to any other beginner yoga posture.

These are some of the basic asanas taught to practitioners in yoga for weight loss for beginners. This asana has to provide effective weight loss over a period of time. Diets, pills or potions may help individuals attain the body goal they have set for themselves. These results are not consistent once you stop using them. Losing weight is a long term process, and it cannot be quickly be achieved. But it can sustainably be achieved by working out regularly, eating the right foods, staying hydrated and maintaining a proper sleep cycle. 

Yoga is one best rejuvenating and rewarding form of exercise. It’s for everyone. There is no age limit when it comes to practising yoga for weight loss. Moreover, it has the ability to heal the body externally and internally. There are several other benefits of practising yoga daily, like flexibility increases, the breathing improves, metabolism rate increases, and feels more energetic because of improved cardiac health. Lastly, yoga helps to reduce stress and anxiety. 

If you are worried about body weight and want to opt for a healthy way to lose weight, then yoga is worth considering. Yoga For Weight Loss For Beginners is an excellent way to start a weight loss program. Practising daily will provide significant results within a short period. So go ahead and put on your favourite yoga outfit, grab your yoga mat and put on a piece of soothing music and start practising yoga.