8 Intense Sports That Will Make You Sweat Like Crazy

You can go for a light ride or head out on a long bike trip — either way, cycling will be good for you. If you’re trying to lose weight, we suggest switching between hard and easy gears and varying your speed. Following all of these tips will help you burn the most calories.


HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training, which means that you have to do many different exercises with short rests in between. Instead of spending half an hour on the treadmill or stationary bike, follow HIIT workouts on YouTube, usually around 10 minutes long.

Once you try them out, you’ll be surprised by how effective they are. Just 20 minutes of them per day is enough to see results.

If you want to get the most out of it, vary your exercise routine — instead of running on a treadmill, do it outside or do other intense exercises such as burpees, jogging, jumping jacks, and squats.


Running is another great way to burn calories and lose weight — you can either go for a light jog or try a run race, which will push you even more and make you sweat like crazy! It’s also a perfect exercise for your heart and lungs.

And if you want to push yourself, even more, vary your speed and distances. This way, you will burn more calories and build your endurance.

Step Aerobics

Trying step aerobics is another way to keep moving and burn those extra calories. You can do step aerobics at the gym or even make your own step aerobics platform at home.

These workouts are easy to follow and don’t require much time, but they’re great for toning your muscles and burning those extra calories.


Kickboxing is a great way to keep moving and burn those extra calories. And if you’re trying to lose weight, many kickboxing exercises will help you get there faster. For example, you can do jump rope mummy kicks, which will work your cardiovascular system.

It will not only help you lose weight but also build your strength and endurance.


Yoga is a great way to exercise every part of your body, and it’s not just about the poses. There are many different types of yoga that will push you to your limits — from Ashtanga, which is an intense workout, to gentle Hatha yoga, which is an outstanding choice for beginners.

But even if you’re a beginner, you can still sweat a lot in a hot room during a session.


Zumba is a variation of salsa dancing created in the 1990s, but it has recently gained a lot of popularity as a way to work out. And it’s not hard to see why — Zumba classes are a blast!

They’re a mixture of dancing and exercise that gets everyone moving. At Zumba classes, you will not just move your arms and legs but also your abs or butt. It’s definitely worth trying, especially if you like dancing!


Weight loss and health improvement are not about waking up and going to the gym and running on a treadmill for an hour. Following such a pattern is not only dull, but it can also be very easy to give up on.

Instead, try to find some other ways to keep moving — you can either go for a run outside or do some strength training at homes, such as bodyweight squats, pushups, lunges, and jumping jacks.

We suggest you try some of the things from our list. All of them can help you give your body an intense workout. But don’t forget: if you want to see results fast, combine your cardio and strength training with a healthy diet and stick with it!


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