6 yoga poses to help you grow taller


Beauty is often associated with height, and people are often curious about how to grow taller. 

A study published in the Journal Plos Genetics reveals that there is more to height than beauty and it plays a significant role in one’s life. Height is linked to one’s positive outlook towards life and IQ level along with physical advantages.  

The human body will produce growth hormone till 34 years, contrary to popular belief that a person grows till 21 years. So what can you do to grow taller?

Well, this ancient Indian technique might be the only solution for you – Yoga. Following yoga poses help to stretch your body muscles and thereby increase your height. 


1. Tadasana:



This asana is called the palm tree pose. In this pose, one keeps their legs slightly apart, interlocks their hands and stretches it up towards the sky. For a deeper stretch, raise the balls of your heels and stand on your toes. Tadasana helps to stretch all your muscles from head to toe. It is said to facilitate production of the growth hormone, thus helping one increase one’s height, and improves a poor posture. 


2. Vriksha Asana




This asana is also called the tree pose. This strengthens your core muscles and activates your pituitary gland which produces the growth hormone in one’s body. 




3. Sarvang Asana




Sarvang asana, as the name indicates, is a posture that helps the muscles of the whole body to stretch. Along with this the blood flow through the body too will increase. This will exert direct pressure on the pituitary gland which will help to increase production of growth hormones. 



4. Ustra Asana




The asana is also known as the camel pose. In this method, you will bend your neck backward which will trigger the pituitary gland. However, those with blood pressure or back injury should avoid doing this. 



5. Paschimothasana




This pose helps to exert pressure on the neck and back thigh muscles. Those suffering from sciatica and slip disc should not practice this. 



6. Ujjayi Pranayama




This asana helps you to breath the right way and thereby sending direct vibrations to the gland. The victorious breath will bring positive changes in the ecosystem of person. Ecosystem plays a key role in the growth of a person. 


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