5 things you might not know may lead to hair

Things about hair loss you didn’t know (Image credit: Pexels)&nbsp

Key Highlights

  • In today’s day and age, anything can trigger hair loss
  • If you’re going through stress, it may lead to excessive hair fall
  • Another cause of hair loss can be if you’ve lost a lot of weight quickly, since this causes a physical trauma

If one notices, then there are so many mistakes we do both in our skincare and hair care regimes that lead to grave damages. Our tresses are one of the most striking features of our body and they need to be taken care of if we don’t want to end up having excessive hair fall.

As much as our diet is responsible for our hair growth, out everyday factors including the weather, the UV rays of the sun, stress also contributes to the strength of the hair follicles. 

In today’s day and age, anything can trigger hair loss and if you’re having excessive hair fall, then you need to first find out the root cause. We have listed five things that you might be doing which are causing hair loss. Having said this, remember that you can always go back to regular oiling, not handling wet hair harshly and getting regular hair trims for healthy tresses. 

5 things you might not know lead to hair loss

  1. Stress
  2. Brushing wet hair
  3. Not having a proper diet
  4. Opting for tight hairstyles
  5. Lost a lot of weight quickly


One of the main factors of hair loss is getting too stressed out due to work. If you’re in a competitive environment at work and are having a hard couple of months, you may see some clumps of hair coming out of your head onto your brush. This is a simple explanation. Stress triggers the hormone levels in the body that cause hair loss. It is important to do some relaxing exercises or better, take a break from the humdrum affair of the everyday stressful environment at work. 

Brushing wet hair

It is often said, not to brush when the locks are wet. Damp hair is loose and doesn’t hold well to its root. You need to let your hair air dry and then brush it so that you can detangle it. However, brushing your wet hair will make it even looser and stringy and will eventually fall off the head. 

In fact, use a wooden comb and not a brush to detangle your hair gently. One tip that you can use on brushing – don’t brush your hair too often, just once a day is good for the hair’s natural oils to be distributed. More than twice will make your hair greasy.

Nothing having a proper diet

A healthy and balanced diet is important for the growth of the hair. A diet that is not high in proteins and iron will affect the quality of your tresses and thus, cause excessive hair loss. People who have eating disorders and those who go on crash diets can also experience hair fall. 

Opting for tight hairstyles

Constantly pulling your hair and tugging the hair follicles can end up in hair loss. If you’re opting for hairstyles like tight ponytails or tight buns then this can cause damage to the hair follicles. This condition is known as traction alopecia. Experts believe, one tight hairstyle doesn’t do harm but doing so for multiple years can cause traction alopecia. 

Besides this, do not use plastic hair bands to tie the hair. These can make the strands jumbled up and cause balding on different parts of the scalp.

Lost a lot of weight quickly

If you have lost a lot of weight recently then that might cause a physical trauma that results in thinning hair. While weight loss can be good for you, it may cause unnecessary stress your body or not eating enough vitamins and minerals can lead to deficiencies. Loss of hair and weight loss is a sign of eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia. You may experience this hair loss for six months.