5 Effective Power Yoga Poses for Weight Loss and Strengthen

You always want to look best, be it fitness, style, or look. But, without fitness neither style nor look will be good. Overweight and fat is your enemy. Being obese, you invite multiple dangerous diseases and get mental and emotional distress.

You can’t lose the weight overnight.

But, do you know, how you can overcome?

Power yoga can help you win the battle! You can lose weight efficiently with these yogas and it’ll be long-lasting. This will also help you burn the excess fat. And, you know yoga can cultivate a relationship between body, mind, and soul. Power yoga for weight loss and gaining muscle masses is the best exercise ever.

What is Power Yoga?

Power yoga is a combination of many styles and poses used for a vigorous weight loss workout.  It is pretty different from normal yoga as it is more vigorous and fitness centered. Just like yoga, you can get variation of activities in power yoga. These yoga use the athletic poses of Ashtanga and make you feel you’ve done a hard workout.

Power yoga for weight loss is the best weight loss alternative. People have evolved it more into athletic form than poses and spiritual well-being.

What is the Difference between Yoga and Power Yoga?

The key objective of power yoga is to strengthen the benevolent and eradicate the malevolent.

Power yoga moves are quicker than regular yoga and so you get more cardio output. While doing regular yoga we focus on holding the post but movement will be our focus on power yoga.

Power yoga is a classical style of Vinyasa or Ashtanga. In power yoga, you can frequently move between the poses and you focus on building strength rather than flexibility. It’s great if you like a bit of variety in your exercises!

How Does Power Yoga Specifically Assist Weight Loss?

If weight loss is your goal then you should expend more calories than you take. And, power yoga for weight loss is possible in two ways:

  1. Increase Metabolic Rate
  2. Physical Activity

#1: Metabolic Rate

Do you know that by simply living and breathing human body burns calories? Basal metabolic rate does the same even if you sit whole day long. This is the number of calories it takes to keep you alive – pump your blood, inhale and exhale, and for your cells to do their daily routines.

#2: Power Yoga

This can burn more calories. This is because of quicker movements, faster heartbeat, and more energy needed to do the yoga. Power yoga also includes muscle-strengthening exercises which can help to tone muscles.

These are exactly how power yoga benefits your body and make you lose weight.

Power Yoga for Weight Loss Expectation

Power yoga can help you burn more than 300 calories/ hour but there is much more to do in this than simply burning the calories. You can also gain muscle masses from attending regular power yoga classes. When we have more muscle then we can burn more calories even when we’re not exercising.

This is exactly why power yoga is pretty effective when you want to boost your weight loss. You can increase your metabolism rate by different kinds of diets – 90% of weight loss is possible just because of the diet. However, exercise can boost your positive effects to lose weight.

What are the Different Kinds of Power Yoga Poses?

Power yoga benefits weight loss with different types of poses. Each poses promote your weight loss and encourages internal gazing. The power yoga workouts will provide you higher energy and strength.

Pose #1: Basic Squats

It is always advised to start your yoga exercise with ‘Surya Namaskar’. This will help you in warming up and get used to the cardiovascular exercises you would perform further.

The squat is a strength-building lower body exercise which is user-friendly and anyone can do this. The Utkatasana or simple squats will help you tone your thigh muscles. Just squat half way down and getting up is what exercise is all about. All you need to maintain the technique of inhaling and exhaling while going down and coming up.

Pose #2: Downward Dog to Half Plank Variation

In downward dog pose, you have to maintain the width between hands and feet. Do small bends for inhaling and exhaling. Tuck your toes, straighten your arms and legs, and press your hip back and skyward.

This exercise will work well for your leg muscles and abdominal area. This makes your shoulder muscle strong and tone your body in a superb way and lose weight.

Pose #3: Standing to Leg Raise

Inhaling and lifting your legs one at a time upwards is a great way of exercising. Your leg should be off the floor and you’ve to stand straight without bending your knees. Keep your torso upright the entire time.

This is a great way for weight loss and toning the areas. This exercise works on your knees, thighs, and engages the entire lower body.

Pose #4: Abdominal Churning

This is the best way to burn fat around the belly and hips. Do inhaling and exhaling during this time and don’t forget to breathe during clockwise and anti-clockwise.

This exercise gives you strength and tones your lower part of the body. Once you’re done with this exercise then do rest in Savasana.

Pose #5: The Markat Asana

In this very asana, your body seems to be in a sleeping or resting monkey position. The name is derived from the two Sanskrit words called “Markat”. It just means ‘monkey’ and ‘asana’ that means pose and posture.

This asana is good for twisting the back and stretching the muscle well. Twist one leg over the other alternatively and this asana will give you relief from the stress and tension in the back.

The Bottom Line – Power Yoga and Weight Loss

Right yoga poses can help you lose weight and give you strength. Get started with the power yoga now and start losing weight early. Power yoga progress will give you some truly fantastic and fitness related result in a short span of time.

You can find yourself developing a passion for this vivid form of exercise earlier than you think! So, all you fitness freaks, try above-mentioned power yoga exercises and feel the difference.

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