5 Best Yoga Poses To Get Rid Of Leg Muscle

Do you feel fatigued by the end of the day? And, do your legs and feet hurt the most? The many chores we undertake and the hectic pace of our lives may result in aches, pains and muscle cramps, especially in our legs.

So, what can you do to get relief from the leg muscle pain? Well, yoga is one of the best solutions. Would you like to know more? Continue reading!

Why Opt For Yoga To Get Rid Of Leg Muscle Pain:

A lot of people end up using OTC medications including sprays, gels and edible medications to alleviate the pain in legs and other body parts. However, these medications only bring temporary relief, and using them on a long term basis may have an adverse impact on health.

Yoga, on the other hand, offers long term relief from pain in the legs and other parts of the body as well. Besides, it also helps you stay fit and healthy. By trying some yoga postures you can get relief from your leg pains.

Below given are the effective poses in yoga for leg muscle pain relief:

1. The Zen Posture:

This is one easy-to-practice yoga posture that not only helps you cope with leg muscle pain, but makes your spine stronger as well.

  • Sit down on the floor cross-legged.
  • Place your hands on the thighs or close to the abdomen.
  • Ensure the back and head remain erect and straight.
  • You need to be in this posture for some time and then try breathing in a relaxed manner.
  • This yoga pose helps facilitate blood circulation in the legs and thus diminishes muscle cramps gradually.

2. Shoulder Stand Posture:

This yoga posture relieves leg muscle cramps, and at the same time, soothes other muscles in the human body.

  • At first, you need to lie on the back and then lift both your legs together.
  • Try lifting the legs till the lower body weight is shifts on to the shoulders, neck and head.
  • Stay in this position for a while and then revert to the sleeping position slowly.
  • This pose eventually stimulates blood supply to the heart and eases leg tension.

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3. The Corpse Pose:

This pose is practiced by nearly all yoga practitioners and people from all age groups can try this. It is quite simple.

  • You simply need to lie on the floor or bed with arms and legs normally spread apart.
  • You also need to disengage the mind from all thoughts while you in this pose.
  • This posture helps relax all the muscles in the body.

4. The Sphinx Pose:

This is one yoga pose that works on your back and helps ease tension in the leg muscles to a great extent.

  • You need to lie down on your stomach. Ensure the elbows are resting under the shoulders.
  • Now, put pressure on the palms that are stretched forward, and also on the upper part of the feet.
  • Raise the head upwards and keep breathing.
  • Be in this position for some time and lie down again.

5. Legs Up The Wall:

This is one easy-to-do pose in yoga for muscle pain relief, especially when your leg muscles feel sore after a tiring day’s work. You may try it either on the floor with a yoga mat, or on the bed.

  • Lie on the floor, with your buttocks touching the base of the wall.
  • Position your legs upwards so that they are perpendicular to the floor.
  • Stretch your arms sideward or upwards (depending on your comfort).
  • This posture relaxes the lower back and leg muscles.

Now that you know about the effective poses in yoga for leg muscle pain relief, what are you waiting for? Start following these poses today and say goodbye to your leg pains! Also tell us how you found this post. Comment in the box below!

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