5 Amazing Health Benefits Of Yoga Asanas You Didn’t Know

Yoga is not an exercise that helps you attain a supple and flexible body.

It is an exercise for the body and mind, and that is why physical & mental health and yoga go together. 

Continuous practice of selected yoga Asanas makes you stronger to combat stress, attain perfect balance, and age gracefully.

However, apart from specific yoga poses, helping cure particular problems, whether physical or mental, yoga also leaves lasting benefits at a much deeper level.

Consistent yoga practice at around 30 minutes per day can work wonders on the human body and help you defy age-related conditions that plague the young and old today.

Here are five excellent benefits of yoga that you probably didn’t know:

1. Freedom from Stress and Anxiety is Just a Breath Away!

Yoga is the panacea for all stress and anxiety disorders as it helps relieve classic symptoms of stress that we are subject to in our day-to-day lives while at work and socially as well.

India’s ancient sages have recommended Pranayama or deep-breathing techniques to cure anxiety or panic attacks.

You can sit in any comfortable position to do this, preferably cross-legged.

Regular practice of Pranayama helps calm the mind and get rid of stress.

Moreover, this breathing technique increases the oxygen levels in your blood and promotes overall body health. 

2. Enhanced Blood Circulation

Consistent practice of yoga asanas helps achieve an increased metabolic rate and enables you to maintain an ideal weight.

While the main factors that affect metabolism rate include the age, gender, and size of a person, blood circulation plays a vital role in enhancing the metabolism rate.

Practicing yoga asanas like face yoga helps strengthen your blood circulation and makes you look young and lively.

This particular technique is recommended for anyone recovering from any severe medical condition or even a debilitating stroke or depression.

3. A Stronger Digestive System

A robust digestive system plays a vital role in maintaining good health. 

In contrast, a poor digestive system affects every part of the body and affects the metabolism rate.

Many yoga postures help strengthen your digestive system.

Some of these health and yoga poses involve twisting the abdominal portion of your body, promoting gut health.

4. Leaner Muscles

Who wouldn’t want a supple body with a sculpted look?

It is possible to achieve lean muscles and flexible body contours.

Attending a power flow yoga class will help you get the lean, mean look that everyone envies.

Yoga is all about strength, flexibility, and balance, and working on all the body muscles helps strengthen them and enhance their size and density.

Also, increased muscle mass burns additional calories and enhances the metabolism rate.

5. Enhanced Brain Function

Regular practice of specific yoga asanas enhances your brain function and keeps you energized and charged throughout the day.

Practicing 20 minutes of Hatha yoga every day helps improve your cognitive functions and enables you to focus better and gain fantastic memory skills.

Such practice helps relieve stress and acts as a mood-enhancer, promoting mental and physical health.

Hatha yoga also helps achieve better listening skills, which is essential in today’s fast-paced business world.

Summing it Up

The magic mantra for yoga is “train but never strain,” and there’s probably no chronic condition that cannot be cured by regular practice of yoga.

A word of caution, though, yoga asanas need to be learned from a trained yoga practitioner as attempting to self-learn can only lead to injuries.