30 Minute Vinyasa: Full Body Yoga Stretch

Welcome to your 30 Minute Vinyasa Full Body Yoga Stretch class. 


In this fully body vinyasa sequence we’re going to create length and open space through twisting postures and a powerful core working sequence. Your class includes low lunge sun salutations variations, interwoven with yoga postures and dynamic movement to build core strength. Step on the mat for this total body yoga sequence and leave feeling stronger! 


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Now before you say no to any core work, chat with me about the why’s and what’s of this sequence. 


Why the core work? 


A strong core helps you with…


  • Giving you better posture
  • Supporting the mid to low back muscles
  • Helping you lift up out the hips & pelvis
  • Better balance and stability
  • Overall endurance & strength
  • Gets the abdominals, hips & pelvis to balance their workload


Notice I’m not talking about six packs, losing weight, or looking a certain way. 


I want you to take this class, not because you feel like your body isn’t good enough – but because you deserve to feel good in the body you have. 


Your core muscles are a major support system and a healthy core helps you move throughout your day without aches, pains or strains. I’m someone who is in the journey of working with this part of my body, of honoring what it needs and doing the work so my body is supported and pain free. 


I want you to feel strong, supported and stable in YOUR body as well. 


That’s the why’s of the core work. 


Now let’s chat about what’s of the sequence. 


Here’s what kind of postures you’ll be doing…


  • Dynamic crunches in sunbird
  • Working the core with a down dog kriya
  • Twisting in low lunge
  • Engaging the lower body in chair


You’ll repeat this sunbird series that includes twists and core work, move through the dynamic sun salutation series and end with a supportive pigeon (also twisting) and gentle twists on your back. 


Did you notice I’ve said twist and twisting a lot?


What’s with all that twisting? To help support the entire core and low back. 


In order to create balance, we’ll be twisting to release tension in the low back as well as counter the core work with movement that stretches and lengthens the abdominal muscles. 


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Are you feeling better about the core work yet?


Good, then unroll that yoga mat and let’s begin! 


Allie, xx

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