3 Benefits Of Prenatal Yoga In Last Trimester

Here are some major benefits to practicing yoga in the third trimester of pregnancy. As always, use caution.

Yoga is great during pregnancy! Not only does it prepare you physically for birth, but also helps to prepare you mentally. Even if you aren’t pregnant, yoga has many benefits, like teaching you to listen to your body. However, for the women who are expecting a bundle of joy, prenatal yoga during the third trimester is beneficial for both mom and baby. Here is how prenatal yoga during the third trimester can benefit you.

Relieves Back Pain & Other Symptoms

Many women turn to prenatal yoga during the third trimester to help relieve back pain. Before getting started, be sure to check with your doctor to make sure prenatal yoga is safe for your pregnancy. Prenatal yoga is known for decreasing lower back pain, according to Explica. It can also decrease headaches, shortness of breath, and nausea. On top of relieving those symptoms, you may find that your sleep has improved and that you’re feeling less stressed and less anxious. It’s no secret that becoming a parent for the first time or adding another baby to the family can be stressful or cause anxiety. Once you get the okay from your doctor, try out a few safe poses to help yourself feel better.


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Prepares You For Labor

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Yoga encourages stretching, focused breathing and mental centering, which are all things needed when it comes to giving birth, reports Mayo Clinic. During prenatal yoga, you focus on breathing slowly in and out of your nose. This is something you can carry with you during labor as knowing how to breathe just right is vital during birth. Additionally, certain prenatal poses, like the squat, help prepare you physically for giving birth. For example, when doing the squat pose, this helps strengthen your pelvic floor and is also a birthing position. As always, check with your doctor before diving into new poses. According to Yoga Mamas, the squat pose should be avoided if you are more than 30 weeks pregnant and your baby is in the breech position.


Can Turn A Breech Baby

According to Very Well Fit, prenatal yoga can help turn your breech baby. With a breech baby, your little one has essentially decided not to flip head down. Instead of their head being found at the birth canal, their feet are there instead. By the time you reach your third trimester, your baby should be settling into their birth position. Some babies are breech, and certain yoga poses can actually help them turn. Inversion poses, like downward-facing dog, can help turn a breech baby, but it is extremely important to ask your doctor if the position is safe for your own pregnancy. While this position may help a breech baby turn, you don’t want to do it if your baby is already headfirst. If you find yourself in positions that feel uncomfortable, stop doing them and give yourself a little grace. You may not be able to do certain positions that you could before, and that’s okay.


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