15 Minute Yoga Weight Loss Exercises- [Yoga for Life]

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Yoga weight loss exercises are a great way to burn stubborn belly fat and reaching your fitness goals. Most people would like to look fit all the time. However,
most of them tend to be overweight. You will note that most of them usually
have excess body fat. This can be detrimental. Too much body fat can lead to
lifestyle diseases. Some of these diseases include heart-related diseases,
stroke and so on. Your lifestyle can lead to this problems.

This is the reason why there is a lot of emphasis on taking healthy diets and practicing yoga weight
loss exercises. You need to create time for exercises every day. You can opt to
be doing some yoga early in the morning or even after leaving your workplace.
This play a major role in helping you lose weight. There are some yoga exercises
that you should consider today. These exercises will not take too much of your time.
You just need 15 minutes to do them. You can comfortably do them from the
comfort of your home. These include:

1. Stand Half Forward Bend

You will note that this exercise usually stretches your
hamstrings preps. This actually prepares your body for other exercises. All you
need to do is to stand on your feet. You should ensure that your feet are apart
and then bend down. It is important that you put more concentration on your
hips. Avoid bending your spine. It should always be straight. You can readily
then reach the floor. However, some people are not capable of reaching the floor
properly. In this case, they can slightly bend their knees and utilize some
yoga blocks.

2. Head-To-Knee Forward Bend

This exercise is easy. You can readily do it while sitting
on the floor. If you have a carpet, you can sit on it. It is more comfortable.
Ensure that all your legs are straight. You can then try to lean on your inner
right thigh. Your left knee should be leaning on the floor. Some people might
not feel comfortable when doing this exercise. In this case, you can place a
soft cloth under the left knee. Your spine should not bend. It should remain straight.
If you are not able to reach your feet using your left hand, you can consider
using a yoga strap. If you consider using this strap, you should not bend your

3. Plank

Building core strength is very important. In this case, you
need to do this exercise. If you are not used to this, you might find to be a
bit strenuous. However, with time, you will get used to it. During this exercise,
you need to place your hands below the shoulders. Your toes should be on the
ground and then try to make your glutes to tighten for more flexibility. You
should put more concentration on the core muscles. Your neck and spine should
be in line.

4. Press Ups

This is another exercise that can help you reduce your weight.
You just need to have enough space in your house where you can lay down with
your toes and hands on the floor. You can then move up and down slowly. If you
are new to this, you might find it to be more strenuous. However, with time,
you will get used to it.

5. Cat or Cow Pose

This is one of the best exercises that you should try after
waking up. It is normally very ideal after waking up. You should knee and place
your hands on the floor. Your position should resemble that of an animal. This
is the reason why it is called cow or cat. Once you are on your fours, you can
then inhale in and out from time to time. Once you inhale in, your belly should
go down. However, once you exhale, your belly should move up. You should do
this for several minutes.

6. Squatting

This is another easy exercise that you can engage in. You
just need to stand up and then lower your body slowly. Your knees should be in
front of you. However, you should avoid sitting down. You should move up and
down while spreading your hands. You can do this repeatedly and you will manage
to reduce your body weight.

Once can lose weight through yoga exercises. However, you
need to know a number of things. These include:

1. Do Not Compete Yourself With Others

You will note that some people might achieve their desired
results earlier than you. Some of them have been doing it for many years. However,
if you are a beginner, you might experience muscle aches and so on. You should
not compare yourself with others. You should do yoga according to your ability.
With time, you might manage to do several exercises with a lot of ease.

2. Take Breaks

Some people tend to overdo yoga exercises. This can make
your muscles to start aching. You should take breaks so that your body can rest
and get revitalized. You should have a working schedule so that you can know
when you engage in yoga exercises and so on.

3. Be Hydrated

It is normal to sweat during yoga. This is the reason why
you need to drink plenty of water all the time. You should ensure that you have
some drinking water with you so that you can hydrate your body. You should
drink water before and after the yoga session.

4. Be Consistent

Everyone would like to achieve his or her desired results.
In this case, you need to be consistent. You should stick to your schedule so
that you can achieve the results that you want.

The above-mentioned exercises can help you lose weight. You
should consider the exercises mentioned above and you will enjoy the results. It
is important that you keep a track record of your progress so that you can know
where to improve. Have a personal discipline and have targets that you want to achieve
after a certain number of days. You also need to take a healthy diet so that
you can achieve the intended results. These above-mentioned tips can also help
you achieve your desired results.

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