10 Yoga Poses To Open Your Heart Chakra

From yoga-adoring celebrities to cute animals, everyone is getting into this mind-spirit-body exercise regimen.

These days, everyone is getting in on the yoga craze. From yoga-adoring celebrities like Britney Spears to funny animals like dogs, pigs, and even yoga-kitties, no one is passing up this mind-spirit-body exercise regimen.

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The great thing about yoga is that there truly is something for everyone. The entire practice aims at self-awareness and growth, and you take from it what you need. Seasoned yogis often speak of the seven chakras. Through careful and thoughtful chakra practice, yoga students can strengthen whichever chakra needs a bit of fixing up. The heart chakra signifies compassion, love and affection. Here are ten poses to open up your heart chakra and become one with those inner feelings.


10 Hang Out In Half Camel Pose With Heart Hand Placement

The best workouts are ones that push your body to the limits while giving your mind a workout too. Celebs like Jessica Simpson rely on grueling fitness sessions that also benefit the mind, making some types of yoga perfect for people looking for a well-rounded exercise program. Poses like a half camel pose, expose your heart to the world, opening for love, while giving your back a wicked-good stretch.

9 Take The Wheel Pose For A Ride

The wheel pose places physical emphasis on opening up the hip flexors and creating mobility and flexibility in the spine region. While in wheel pose, the heart area is exposed, making it a perfect way of focusing on the heart chakra. To perfect the wheel pose, simply lie on your back with your hands by your ears and your knees bent. Push upwards, pulling your belly button to the sky. Hang out there and feel the energy flow.


8 Build A Bridge To An Open Heart Chakra

The bridge pose is one of the easier moves in the yoga practice, and it creates an open space in the chest cavity, making it a prime heart chakra go-to move. For those who just cannot get up into wheel pose easily, the bridge pose will likely give them similar physical benefits while aiming to keep the heart chakra open and vulnerable. The bridge is known to relieve lower back pain, making it an excellent yoga move to work on in pregnancy.

7 Try Warrior One With A Heart Opening Twist

In terms of yoga poses, the warrior poses are some of the greats that make people feel their strongest. There are several variations or stages of the warrior pose, so to create a focus on the heart chakra, choose warrior one with a heart-opening backbend.

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This pose works the quad muscles out, stretches the spinal area, and opens up the hip flexors as well as the heart space. Hold it and feel powerful and confident with who you are.


6 Upward Facing Dog Pose Is Made For Heart Opening Chakra Work

Few yoga poses feel as good as a downward and an upward dog. These yoga moves might share part of their name with each other, but they are very different in how they are executed and what they aim to accomplish. To achieve an upward dog, lie on your stomach with your heels pointed towards the sky. Anchor yourself with those strong toes and press up with your hands, lifting the lower body off the ground and raising your chest to the world.

5 Reverse Plank Pose Strengthens Bodies And Opens The Heart Chakra

The reverse plank looks pretty straightforward, but do not underestimate the amount of stretch that it takes to pull a solid one off. To utilize this move and open up the heart chakra, sit on the floor with your legs in front of you. Press your palms into the group and dig your heels into the floor. Lift your body upwards as if your heart is being pulled into the heavens. Tilt your head back and release the tension in your neck. Hold the pose, feeling capable of love, empathy, and compassion.


4 The Bow Pose Is All About Heart Chakra And Spine Mobility

The bow pose is a fun one, but it will take a bit of flexibility practice on your part. The aim here is to bend the opposite way that most of us are used to. From a position on your back, bend your chest upwards while lifting your legs off of the ground. Reach back and hold your ankles. If you are feeling saucy, throw in a funky variation on the pose, making it entirely your own. That’s the fun of yoga; it’s incredibly personalized.

3 The Cat And Cow Pose Activates The Fourth Chakra Too

A couple of cat and cow rounds will have your shoulders, and back muscles feelings brand new again. Cat-cow is a multi-positioned move that is done on your hands and knees. The cat component rounds the shoulders and back downwards, but the cow pose encourages hearts to lift, opening the chest to the skies above.

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Really over-emphasize the moves and enjoy all of the body and mind benefits that this particular move series provides. It’s one of those super satisfying yoga poses that keep us coming back for more.


2 Supine Bound Angle Pose Is Equal Parts Relaxing And Heart Chakra Opening

Some poses in yoga are so relaxing that people have been known to doze off while in them. The Supine Bound Angle Pose is one of them. To achieve this heart-chakra pleasing pose, lie on your back with your arms out to your side, palms upward and open. Let your legs fall open, landing in a butterfly position. Stay here and breathe deeply in and deeply out, creating space in the body for love to flow through.

1 Feel The Fish Pose Work The Heart Chakra

The fish pose leaves yogis feeling strong and relaxed. It’s easy to manage and gives the chest cavity and the back a good stretching. Lie on your back and tilt your head backward. Lift your chin upwards while elevating your chest off of the floor. Keep your arms firmly rooted to the floor and hold this pose for at least five to seven breaths following a solid yoga session. Your mind, body, and heart will thank you.

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